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Horizon RC 30 Review for 2022 Reviews & Guide [Latest Picks]

Horizon RC 30 review

To get straight to the point, the Horizon Fitness RC-30 Recumbent Bike has some decent elements, yet it comes up short on a ton of choices given on contender models in this value range. This supine exercise bicycle is peaceful and accompanies eight (8) opposition levels, eight (8) modified exercises, and pulse checking through fixed handlebars. In this cost range, you’ll see that most contending bicycles give these equivalent choices and much of the time they offer significantly more for similar cash. For instance, the Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike has 25 degrees of opposition and 29 exercise programs. The Horizon RC 30 prostrate bicycle is likely Horizon’s most well-known bicycle right now available. It’s been around for a couple of years at this point – which is a sign it’s selling so all things considered, Horizon needs to keep it around. It comes in at an incredible value point as well, which makes it famous with purchasers. Is it a decent purchase for you? This is what you want to realize A many individuals feel that cycling is a superb type of activity and specialists are additionally exhorting it for better wellbeing and life span. The Horizon Fitness RC-30 Recumbent Bike has extraordinary innovation and is produced from the best quality materials. It has many degrees of opposition and can give you extraordinary exercise for your whole body. It will assist you with reinforcing every one of the muscles of your body and give you the conditioning that you have for practically forever needed. Peruse on additional the Horizon Fitness RC-30 Recumbent Bike Review to get appropriate information on the advantages and disadvantages of this eminent bicycle and how clients have evaluated it generally.

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Key Features

  • The Horizon RC-30 utilizes prevalent innovation for trekking.
  • The controls of the bicycle are not difficult to learn and utilize.
  • There are eight degrees of obstruction, and you can physically choose the one generally reasonable to you.
  • An assortment of exercise projects to browse.
  • There is a lifetime guarantee that accompanies this supine bicycle from Horizon Fitness.
  • There are some extraordinary choices for you from Horizon Fitness where transportation is concerned. You can have your bicycle collected when conveyed, and it will be prepared to utilize as well.
  • This bicycle gauges a decent 125 pounds thus, might be hard for certain individuals to assemble. Albeit, the method involved with gathering it’s anything but an extremely long one and can be cultivated rapidly.
  • The Horizon bicycle has a 100-pound flywheel which is okay for the cycle. It gives smooth activity to the bicycle at moderate velocities.
  • The belt drive of the machine doesn’t make a lot of commotion and is really quite ordinary. Along these lines, there is additionally a possibility for you to sit in front of the TV or read while you exercise with next to no aggravation.
  • There are eight projects of this Horizon Recumbent, and they incorporate a 30-moment warm-up each and are ideal for preparing and fat misfortune.
  • The seat of the bicycle is cushioned and enormous. It is truly agreeable in any event, for longer exercises going to about 60 minutes.
  • It can oblige a client’s weight of around 275 pounds.
  • 8 degrees of electronic opposition
  • 8 exercise programs
  • 10 lb flywheel for a smooth, predictable exercise
  • Pulse observing on handlebar grasps
  • Extra-wide seat with lumbar help for added solace
  • Water bottle holder to guarantee the client stays hydrated while working out
  • Most extreme User Weight: 275 lbs
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  • Measures 66 x 52 x 26 inches
  • Max client weight: 275 pounds
  • Stature: 52inches
  • Width: 26 inches
  • Length: 66 inches
  • Weight: 106 lbs



  • An agreeable and calm exercise bicycle
  • Fast change saddle for a very long time support
  • The appearance is exceptionally near the bicycles you would find in the rec center.
  • Skyline has put resources into fabricating quality rather than getting carried away on the highlights.
  • This is a fundamental if strong bicycle. You are not getting any “extravagant accessories” here.
  • Agreeable seat padding
  • Attractive obstruction framework hushes up to utilize
  • You’re not paying for highlights like a cooling fan or speakers that you may never utilize
  • Quick and simple to set up (even though you additionally cancan be very tedious)
  • Long guarantees
  • Smooth cycling movement
  • Every one of the apparatuses you really want for the gathering is given
  • Brilliant edge solidness, in any event, for higher client loads and opposition levels
  • Low effect nature of the activity makes it ideal for anybody with restricted portability or who endures with knee
  • Speedy and simple seat change provides food for a wide scope of client statures
  • The variety between obstruction levels is sufficient to give a difficult exercise
  • Obstruction can be changed to a preset level at the press of a button – no compelling reason to utilize manual strain change



  • Fabricate time is very long at 2-3 hours
  • Show console doesn’t permit you to save exercise information to an outside gadget or sync to your PC
  • The number of exercise projects and obstruction levels is more restricted than the Schwinn 250 or 270
  • Show control center could improve lit to make the data more straightforward to peruse in low light conditions (an issue that gets settled with the later RC-40 model by including an orange backdrop illumination)
  • At the north of 100 lbs, the bicycle is very weighty to move around



At the core of this machine is a 10lb flywheel. This is on the lighter side, yet not terrible at the cost. Clients view it as smooth and stable at ordinary paces. All the more critically the belt drive is almost quiet and the entire machine scarcely makes a murmur as you exercise. This is awesome assuming you need to stare at the TV while working out.



With the Horizon RC-30, there are 8 degrees of obstruction. The high level gives a decent test, with the initial not many levels ideal for a light warm-up. Most clients will be agreeable between levels 4-6 for a more drawn-out exercise.


Underlying Programs

With 8 built-in programs, Horizon has gone for effortlessness. The projects target either fat misfortune or preparing, and are around 30 minutes in length including a warm-up. I


In full the projects are: Manual, Intervals, Rolling Hills, Weight Loss, Tempo, Random, Custom 1, and Custom 2 all are around 30 minutes in length.

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The RC-30 seat is enormous and cushioned, making for an agreeable spot to sit and prepare for an hour or somewhere in the vicinity. With the seat being for and rearward movable you will find an agreeable position whether you are 5′ up to 6’4″ Maximum client weight is 275Lbs



Skyline RC-30 Console


With the unmistakable and simple to utilize console, you will be fully operational in a matter of moments. The opposition levels are not difficult to get to numbers 1-8 across the control center, just hit the number you need. At the foundation of the control, the center is a rack reasonable for a tablet PC or a magazine. There is no help for sound, or is there a fan. Generally speaking, the control center looks great and stays exceptionally straightforward, and is fundamental to utilize. Assuming that you don’t care for a ton of complicated fastens then this is great.



The guarantee is sensibly useful for a bicycle at this level: lifetime on the edge, 20 years on the brake, and one year on parts and work.

Getting The RC 30 and Putting It Together:

Delivering Transporting cost for the Horizon Fitness RC30 Recumbent Bike will shift in cost contingent upon where you buy from and what kind of conveyance you like. Be that as it may, assuming you purchase through Amazon.com, delivery is free for this Horizon prostrate bicycle. Skyline Fitness prepares the RC30 Recumbent Bike has a steel structure with a 10 lb flywheel to give a smooth, calm cycling development. A ton of clients remark on how calm this machine is. This is great because many analysts say though occasionally the flywheel can create a ton of irritation commotion or a modest plan can cause a ton of squeaking sounds. You will not find this on the RC30 Recumbent Bike. You’ll have the option to work out hard and still pay attention to your music or the TV serenely.



Gathering the RC30 Recumbent Bike isn’t the simplest thing on the planet. There are a couple of grumblings from clients about the cycle. A few clients guarantee they got broken pieces upon conveyance and others report the get-together interaction is troublesome. Simply watch out for this. Getting together should take around a couple of hours to finish.


Know Your Manufacturer:

Skyline Fitness is essential for Johnson Health Tech, the main gym equipment maker all through the world for north of 35 years. They work out of Madison, Wisconsin, however, settled in Taiwan. They fabricate gym equipment for private and business enterprises. Skyline Fitness makes an assortment of gym equipment including treadmills, curved, practice bicycles, rowers, and frill.


What We Love About the Horizon Fitness RC30 Recumbent Bike:

The Horizon Fitness RC-30 Recumbent Bike has some pleasant elements. Most prominently, it has a smooth, calm development and the control center accompanies customized works out. This machine hushes up enough that you can carry on ordinary discussion while practicing and you will not be overwhelmed by aggravation commotion. The modified exercises are great since they make a pleasant practicing experience.


Customized Workouts

The Horizon RC-30 recumbent bike should have eight (8) customized exercises on its control center. This is fair and presumably what you would demand in this amount range. Nonetheless, it’s not exactly most contender bicycles in this value pasture like the schwinn® 270, the exerpeutic 4000, and the Proform 315 CSX. The exercises on the RC30 recumbent bike are Manual, stretches, rolling, weight reduction, rhythm, arbitrary, and pair practice projects. The modified exercises are planned with various forces to give pleasure, serious activities.

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What Isn’t So Great:

Quality should be everybody’s first rule when searching for a piece of gym equipment. All things considered, the Horizon Fitness RC30 Recumbent Bike might have a few issues. As per a few clients, the issues appear to reappear following a few months of utilization. Some remarked on the control center going out or that the pulse screen quits working. Others even remarked on parts breaking like the plastic pedals. Assuming this occurs, you ought to be broadcasted with the one-year parts guarantee, yet it’s unsettling that the RC30 Recumbent Bike doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be ready to take a lot of substantial exercise use.



The Horizon RC30 Recumbent Bike just accompanies eight (8) levels of obstruction. That is not a ton in contrast with other supine bicycles in this value range. Truth be told, numerous section-level bicycles costing 33% of the cost of the RC30 Recumbent Bike come furnished with eight degrees of obstruction. What’s more, there are many analysts who say that the opposition alignments on their bicycles appear to be not quite right as a large number of the levels feel something very similar.



Truly, at the cost, I’d expect somewhat more out of the Horizon Fitness RC-30 Recumbent Bike. The best things we can bring up with regards to this bicycle are that it’s tranquil and has modified exercises on its control center. Be that as it may, the downsides of this bicycle dominate these beneficial things. On top of some quality worries, we need to bring up that other prostrate bicycles in this value range have much more choices. Furthermore, choices can make you want more and more exercises, which implies you get more fit! We suggest taking a gander at the Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike and the Schwinn 270 Recumbent, two bicycles that are additionally in this value run and have more elements. As a solid section-level recumbent bike this takes some beating. Okay, so it’s not piled up with features, like the Schwinn 270. In any case, it isn’t choosing. Horizon has made a bike that is suffering, fundamental, pleasant, and easy to use. This isn’t only for competitors, it’s for ordinary individuals searching for some additional activity in their life. Assuming that is you, we suggest the Horizon RC-30. The primary disadvantage of the Horizon Comfort R is the absence of backdrop illumination on its screen. Assuming your exercise region is sufficiently bright, you most likely will not miss the light. In case your activity bicycle should have Apple usefulness and a telephone charger, this won’t be the best model for you. With a ton of upsides and only a couple of minor negatives, that will not make any difference one bit to numerous planned buyers. I have no wavering in suggesting the Horizon Comfort R Recumbent Bike to any individual who is searching for a mid-evaluated prostrate exercise bicycle that will empower them to encounter the many advantages of fixed bicycle exercises