Best Protein Powder Under $1000 Reviews for 2022 [User Recommendations]

Best protein powder under $1000

Whey protein is the best quality protein that is accessible for wellness devotees. Any individual who is a customary exercise center participant, a jock, or even who works out truly hard can burn-through whey protein. The best whey protein in India can assist you with working out the muscles you have been yearning for. It very well may be truly hard to pick a spending plan for whey protein under 1000 for your muscle needs. That is the reason we have investigated and presented a rundown of the 10 best whey proteins under 1000 in India. Without burning through additional time let us straight jump on the rundown and assist you with picking the best one!

Our Top 3 Picks

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Extreme Milk Chocolate, 5 Pound (Packaging May Vary)
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Extreme Milk...
#Top 2
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Double Rich Chocolate 2 Pound (Packaging May Vary)
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Double Rich...
#Top 3
Renew Multi Collagen Protein Powder - 5 Types of Collagen - Hydrolyzed Grass-Fed Bovine, Marine, Chicken and Egg Collagen Peptides - Type I, II, III, V, and X - Keto Friendly Supplement
Renew Multi Collagen Protein Powder - 5 Types of Collagen - Hydrolyzed...

1. NAKPRO Platinum Whey Protein Isolate 90%

Nakpro platinum whey Protein isolate is Genuine and Authentic, Imported from the USA, and pressed in India fulfilling the best guidelines. This is a rich wellspring of protein that assists with building slender muscle, improves recuperation, upholds solid digestion, and decreases muscle misfortune. We rank this as the tenth on our rundown of the best whey protein under 1000.




Key Features

  • Nakpro Platinum Whey Protein Isolate is 100% Shipped whey protein isolate supplement medicine and conveys 30.4 of proteid per 33g accepting size and Protein makes a fundamental part of your eating regimen. Acquire slender muscles more than ever, with NAKPRO sustenance whey protein and whey protein isolate powder comprises protein in each helping which triggers the blend of modern muscle muscles and lifts muscle recuperation. 
  • MUSCLE Increase: Platinum whey protein Isolate is broadly utilized in the Athletic and working out networks to help muscle development when utilized related to work out and It has been utilized for quite a long time as a speedy wellspring of proteid after exercises. PLATINUM Whey Protein Isolate is a low-carb protein powder and sugar-free protein powder. 
  • Predominant NUTRITION AND FORMULATION: NAKPRO platinum whey Protein isolate Theorems is to improve ideal wellbeing among highest caliber, powerful, generous, and unrivaled plan of dietary enhancements; Our clients can be guaranteed immaculateness, worth, and strength. 
  • IDEAL FOR: Anyone from wellness aficionado to jock hoping to work on their general wellness, construct and keep up with fit muscle or get thinner. Incredible for keto or other severe low carb abstain from food. Low calorie makes it extraordinary for weight reduction plans and dinner substitution shakes. 
  • Complete Flavor FLEXIBILITY: Nakpro platinum whey protein isolate is an unsweetened and unflavoured high protein supplement that can be devoured in an assortment of ways like protein cakes, protein shakes, smoothies, protein bars, and so forth Add any kind of your decision for a tasty treat. 
  • Predominant Models: platinum whey Protein Isolate goes through thorough testing, condition analysis, and outsider appraisal to guarantee an exceptional mix. We guarantee immaculateness, wellbeing, and standing among our items so your wellbeing is rarely compromised.


  • Ingredients Whey Protein Isolate 
  • Flavour Unflavoured 
  • Brand NAKPRO 
  • Thing Weight 1000 Grams 
  • Allergen Information Milk 
  • Thing Dimensions LxWxH 15 x 15 x 20 Centimeters 
  • Thing Form Powder 
  • This is a vegetarian item. 



  • Has no misleadingly added substance 
  • Without GMO, sans hormone, and gluten-free 
  • Exceptionally efficient whey protein 
  • Brings an excellent amount to the table 
  • This whey proteid most appropriate for any sort of trembles or beverages 



  • The external box neglects to communicate an exceptional energy 
  • This powder structures odd knots 
  • The taste most likely doesn’t feel normal using any and all means 
  • Its scent is somewhat unpleasing


2. TruNativ Raw Whey Protein Concentrate Powder 500 gm

At amount 9 on our rundown of the greatest whey protein below Rs. 1000 in India, we have TruNativ and The key fixings are of the greatest property and have been obtained from Glanbia and the biggest Whey makers in the USA and This is totally legitimate and contains no steroids, pollutants, or added substances.




Key Features

  • Each scoop (30 gms) TruNativ Raw Whey Protein Concentrate gives 24 gms of protein and 5.4 gms of BCAA with exceptionally low carbs (1.8 gms) 
  • It helps accomplish a slender body by building muscles impeccably, decreases muscle misfortune, and animates muscle recuperation post exercises. Utilized by maturing models, fashionistas, and jocks because it helps acquire fit muscle. A most ideal choice for exercise center participants to recapture their fundamental protein. Can be devoured either previously or after exercise meetings. 
  • It is 100% Natural and Pure whey protein with the least conceivable carbs. NO debasement, NO added substances, NO additives, NO sugar, and NO shading specialist, NO seasoning specialist, NO maltodextrin, NO Corn, NO Starch. NO substance proteins or digestives. It is PURE, the best-case scenario. In its unflavoured structure, you can add flavor or product of your decision each time you take your portion 
  • Key wholesome fixing is certifiable and obtained from the USA. Unadulterated protein is acquired from the milk of glad cows 
  • It is a protein powder that is exceptionally simple to blend and processes rapidly. This is a solitary pack of 500 gms
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  • Ingredients Protein Concentrate 
  • Flavour 500 gms 
  • Brand TruNativ 
  • Thing Weight 500 Grams 
  • Thing Dimensions LxWxH 15 x 10 x 4 Centimeters 
  • Thing Form Powder 
  • This is a Vegetarian item. 



  • Contains no synthetic compounds or digestives 
  • Has no sugar or shading, specialists 
  • Can be burned through either previously or after exercise meetings 
  • In its Unflavoured structure, you can add flavor or organic product 
  • It is extremely simple to blend in a shaker 


  • This whey isn’t sans lactose 
  • The bundling isn’t simply incredible 
  • This might cause bulging at first 
  • The scoop contains 22gm powder rather than 30gm


3. Osoaa 100% Whey Protein Concentrate Powder

Oscar is the right mix of Slow and Fast delivering protein to guarantee your body gets what it needs after an incredible exercise. It has been defined to give you the best fixings to acquire size and strength.




Key Features

  • HIGH protein content: A characteristic Whey protein among a high measure of protein [26.4g protein per 33g plateful] that assists with building fit muscle, helps muscle wellbeing, helps in protein union, and helps Healthy muscle also, to furnish your body with the additional advantage that catches your exercise to a higher level 
  • Fundamental nutrients: Osoaa whey proteid Concentrate’s individually serving [33g] accompanies 26.4g protein, 16gears, 5.2g bcaas, 4g Glutamine, 130 Calories, including no fake development chemical [rbst] that guarantees you among the most flawless whey, expands the recuperation rate and helps muscle past your past limits. 
  • HELPS muscle Construction: It assists work with inclining bulk as it accompanies every one of the 13 fundamental amino drugs which improve protein blend and Lead to sound muscle. 
  • Supports IMMUNE SYSTEM: Osoaa whey protein Concentrate assists with adjusting resistant capacities by supporting glutathione creation in different tissues that assistance to your body from an assortment of sicknesses. It additionally assists you with a weight assuming that you supplant different dinners with it alongside strength preparing. 
  • RESULTS During More high-grade Administration: Expressed with the Natural Premium quality Whey, Osoaa whey protein Concentrate Possesses Met All the Strict Examples with an Excellent Filtration Method That Gently Prepares Whey to help the Protein Construction from Growing Denatured and to Check Nutrient Loss.; Packaging Content: 1 100% Whey Concentrate Unflavoured; color: black; quantity: 1 Kg (30 Serving)



  • Ingredients 100% Whey Protein Concentrate 
  • Flavour Unflavoured 
  • Brand OSOAA 
  • Thing Weight 1 Kilogram 
  • Allergen Information Soy Free 
  • Diet Type Vegetarian 
  • Protein Source Whey 
  • Thing Form Powder 



  • It has no gluten, additives, added substances, or fillers 
  • Osoaa Whey Protein is not difficult to process 
  • The bundling is great and simple to utilize 
  • It tends to’s be processed easily 
  • The lingering flavor of this whey protein is incredible 
  • Its mixability with different substances is sufficient 



  • They guarantee about the protein content to be 26.4gm and there’s no lab report demonstrating it 
  • Sets aside longer effort to show results

4. Bigmuscles Nutrition Protein 26g

Out of the blue, you can get both, sustenance and reward, with our one of its sort equation! At Big Muscles, we have been reliably advancing to get the perfect mixes of enhancements. It has the taste of a supplement is a vital part of sustenance. This whey protein.



Key Features

  • Progressive Protein: A scrumptious and incredible natural product curve to your normal whey protein 
  • Best made shockingly better: a top-notch plan of 26g protein from hydrolyzed and separate whey protein framework alongside 15g fundamental amino acids, 6g glutamine, 5.5g BCAAs, and 0g sugar per serving 
  • Scrumptiously Fruity: Incredible invigorating, light, and fresh whey protein with an indistinguishable taste like that of natural product juices. Accessible in 5 fruity flavors Pineapple, Guava, Mango Orange, Litchi, and Mango 
  • Way of life Whey: A unisexual whey protein that helps wellness aficionados in building physical make-up as well as goes about as a flavorful and good supper substitution for all – understudies, office conveyors, and weight lifters 
  • Weight training: Protein contains a quick retaining whey protein grid that assists work with inclining muscles, upholds post-exercise muscle recuperation, and get ready for intense exercises 
  • Feast Replacement: No more skipping dinners since you don’t have time, take yummy protein shakes to feel full, and fight the temptation to go after undesirable bites. 
  • Whenever Protein: Post-exercise, between suppers, as a tidbit, or as a treat, it doesn’t make any difference – Protein is planned to be your any season of day protein powder. 
  • Cutting edge: Well investigated new age protein plan which satisfies your day by day protein needs, upholds your eating regimens and wellness schedules. Keto-accommodating, sports safe, without gluten and no additional soy 
  • Plans: Indulge in smooth and delightfully shakes, smoothies, treats, and hotcakes to pacify your yearnings with zero culpability
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  • Ingredients Whey protein concentrate, Whey protein confine, Hydrolysed whey protein, Nature indistinguishable flavors 
  • Flavour Pineapple 
  • Brand Bigmuscles Nutrition 
  • Thing Weight 0.5 Kilograms 
  • Thing Dimensions LxWxH 6 x 1.6 x 10 Centimeters 
  • This is a Vegetarian item. 



  • Unimaginable reviving, light, and fresh whey protein 
  • Contains positively no sugar, gluten, and lactose 
  • Being hydrolyzed protein frames a smooth shake 
  • It’s an exceptionally savvy whey protein 
  • Doesn’t bring on any assimilation issue 
  • Has a generally excellent and fruity taste 



  • Does truly minimal after an extreme exercise 
  • Since it utilizes natural product extricates so this is very sweet

5. Abbzorb Nutrition Whey Protein with Digestive Enzymes

Abbzorb Nutrition’s Whey Protein is a mix of whey protein segregate and whey protein concentrate and our restrictive recipe conveys driving 79% protein, a step over the business highest quality level. Abbzorb whey protein utilizes quick retaining ultra-separated whey protein confine and thinks imported from the USA. item is made in a GMP consistent office that is FSSC 22000 guaranteed.



Key Features

  • ABOVE This GOLD STANDARD-With 26 grams of protein for each scoop, Abbzorb Whey Protein conveys industry driving 79% protein. 
  • 100% WHEY PROTEIN (MANUFACTURED IN USA)- Abbzorb Whey Protein utilizes quick engrossing ultra-sifted whey protein confine and concentrates imported from the USA. 
  •  LAB TESTED/REPORT-Abbzorb Nutrition guarantees you with ensured LAB REPORT (SGS – NABL Govt. Certify lab) with each buy which can be downloaded after you have put in the request. 
  • DIGESTIVE ENZYMES-Each serving of Abbzorb Whey Protein contains 66mg of stomach-related chemicals. Helps in the simple retention of protein. 
  • NO ADDED SUGAR and SOY PROTEIN-Abbzorb Whey Protein doesn’t contain any additional sucrose or Soy protein. It additionally doesn’t contain any additives.



  • Ingredients Protein Blend, Cocoa Powder, Thickeners, Enzyme Protease 
  • Flavour Chocolate 
  • Brand Abbzorb sustenance 
  • Thing Weight 1000 Grams 
  • Thing Dimensions LxWxH 16.5 x 16.5 x 27.9 Centimeters 
  • Protein Source Whey 
  • Thing Form Powder 
  • This is a Vegetarian item. 



  • Doesn’t contain any additional sucrose or soy protein 
  • Liberated from any sorts of fillers or additives 
  • Has an astonishing taste 
  • The mixability is likewise excellent 
  • Shows viable outcomes very quick 
  • Accompanies stomach related chemicals to help protein processing 



  • It needs more amount 
  • This has a restorative smell emerging from it

6. Zenith Nutrition Mass Gainer++ with Enzyme blend

Pinnacle Sports Mass Gainer is Enriched with the right extent of supplements that can be burned through whenever of the day to sustain the body and is fitting for novices just as genuine mass addition coaches. This is appropriately at the fifth situation on our rundown of the best whey protein under 1000 in India.




Key Features

  • HIGH PROTEIN and Speedy Metabolism: Zenith Whey conveys 26g protein out of 35g in each serving to assist you with receiving the principal in return. The untouched reasonable for utilization protein is defined with a compound mix containing Protease, Lactase, Lipase, Amylase, Alpha-galactosidase, Glucoamylase, Invertase and Cellulase to help most extreme absorption and to abstain from swelling. 
  • LAB Questioned FOR Condition: Manufactured under severe management at FSSAI endorsed and GMP ensured manufacturing plant. The normalized Lab test examination guarantees the presence of expected fixings and nonappearance of debasements and weighty metals. 
  • Reestablishes ANABOLIC Scales: A accepted mix of Whey Proteins, with the most elevated PDCAA score of 1 uses Whey Isolate, as the central wellspring of protein to spike the muscle protein combination for longer. 
  • HELPS AMP YOUR Conditioning: Zenith Whey Protein comes improved with 5.5g of BCAA per serving to help with lessening weariness and amp your exercise. BCAA is the way to improve muscle development with obstruction work out. 
  • LOW-CALORIE INTAKE: The protein is mixed with the normal pleasantness of stevia and is particularly suitable for calorie-cognizant people with raised blood glucose levels and individuals who need to restrict sugar in their eating routine. Furthermore, the high amount of fundamental amino corrosive forestalls losing your muscles during the weight reduction venture.




  • Contains 26g of protein 
  • This is made of whey protein 
  • A recognized mix of Whey Proteins, with the most noteworthy PDCAA score 
  • Suggested Dosage: 2 scoops with milk and water 
  • This whey protein is a veggie-lover item 
  • Amount: 1050 gms 
  • Client Rating: 3.9 stars out of 5
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  • The character is great 
  • Shows results super quick 
  • This whey protein can blend well 
  • The protein is mixed with the normal pleasantness of stevia 
  • This whey protein is FSSAI supported 
  • The untouched reasonable for utilization protein 


  • May make you cause breakouts 
  • Has a fragrance of plastic some of the time



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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do protein shakes actually help?


Therefore, protein shakes may help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you want to lose fat or gain muscle. Protein shakes promote muscle gain and improve performance and recovery. They also prevent muscle loss and may even help increase muscle mass during weight loss.

2. Is MuscleTech a good brand?

Industry-giant MuscleTech has been around for nearly 25 years, but in supplement-business years, that can feel more like 80. With start-ups emerging every year trying to be the next, well, MuscleTech, this mighty company has earned a place as a standard-bearer in quality, innovation, volume, and global reach.

3. Is Herbalife healthy?

BOTTOM LINE: The Herbalife diet is pricey and involves highly processed shakes and many supplements, some of which have been linked to negative health effects. Short-term use likely causes weight loss, but long-term effectiveness is yet to be studied.

4. Why is protein powder bad for you?

It may be high in added sugars and calories. Some protein powders have little added sugar, and others have a lot (as much as 23 grams per scoop). Some protein powders wind up turning a glass of milk into a drink with more than 1,200 calories. The risk: weight gain and an unhealthy spike in blood sugar.

5. Is it bad to drink 2 protein shakes a day?

In most cases, drinking two protein shakes per day won’t negatively impact your diet. Protein shakes promote muscle synthesis and help to repair your muscles after working out. … While most doctors won’t recommend supplementing each meal with a protein shake or drinking them too often, two per day isn’t dangerous.

6. What protein do bodybuilders use?

For bodybuilders, whey protein provides amino acids used to aid in muscle recovery. Whey protein is derived from the process of making cheese from milk. There are three types of whey protein: whey concentrate, whey isolate, and whey hydrolysate.

7. Is GNC a good brand?

GNC is a trusted marketplace that makes shopping easy and offers a huge selection. You’re going to find the product you’re looking for here. They hold their products to high standards in terms of quality, exceeding what you occasionally find elsewhere. For non-GNC brands, you’ll want to do a little research.

8. Does protein increase testosterone?

High protein diets and a high protein to carbohydrate ratio have been associated with altering resting concentrations of testosterone [9,10], cortisol [11], and insulin-like growth factor concentrations [4,12], but its effect on resting growth hormone concentrations remain inconclusive.

9. Which protein is best for fat loss?

The scientific evidence is strongest in support of natural protein from foods, as well as whey and casein protein supplements for weight loss. A protein intake between 0.5–1 gram per pound of body weight (1.2–2.2 grams/kg) daily, or 25–35% of total daily calories, seems most beneficial for weight loss.

10. Are whey protein safe?

Despite its health benefits, some people are concerned about its safety. That said, whey protein is safe for most people and a convenient way to increase your protein intake. Summary: Whey protein is generally safe and can help you build muscle and strength, lose weight, reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism.

11. Why Herbalife is banned?

The court decided that “Herbalife is in breach of Articles 91, 4 and 99 of the Act regarding market practices and consumer protection because it has established, managed or promoted a pyramid scheme, whereby the consumer or a business stands to make money which is more likely the result of introducing new consumers or 

12. Is Virat Kohli using Herbalife products?

It is not surprising that most of Herbalife’selebrity users are sports personalities as Herbalife is a nutrition schemed product. Virat Kohli, one of India’s most proficient cricketers, is one of the Herbalife brand ambassadors in Asia.