Bladez Fitness Fusion GS Reviews in 2022 [High Quality Products]

Exercising at home can be a great way to help with weight loss, remain in shape or get in shape without the cost of the exercise center or being outside in the cold and wet. Cardio exercises on a twist bicycle or indoor cycle can be an incredible method for doing this.

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These bikes come in a scope of costs and it may very well be hard to tell whether the ones at the lower and more reasonable finish of the scale can really confront the afflictions of cardio exercises done consistently.

The Bladez Fitness Fusion GS Indoor Cycle is an affordable bike with compelling features. It is a fully included indoor cycle highlighting a 40 lb substantial flywheel for a characteristic vibe and reliable energy. With full front/toward the back and up/down movability of both the seat and handlebars, the larger than average steel casing of the Bladez Fusion GS can oblige clients of various sizes. A strategically placed handlebar mounted water bottle holder and simple to peruse LCD show that gives inspirational input will assist with keeping you occupied with your exercises.

To decide if you get what you pay for or something else, in this review I look at all of its important features to see how they can benefit your workout and of course whether it is constructed properly to stand up to the rigors of cardio workouts.


  • Assembled dimensions: 45L x 21W x 48H inches (114L x 53W x 122H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 86 lbs (40 kg)
  • Flywheel weight 40 lbs (18 kg)
  • Supported weight: 275 lbs (125 kg)
  • Handlebars: 4-way adjustable
  • Seat: 4-way adjustable
  • Pedals: With toe cages
  • Drive mechanism: Chain
  • Brakes: Direct-contact, top-to-down felt pad
  • Resistance: Adjustable
  • Bottle holder: Yes
  • Computer: Basic
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Parts 1 year / Console 1 year / Wear parts 1 year / Labor 90 days


Concerning the edge of this bike, all of its key tubing is steel-made. Notwithstanding the way that it’s not by and large so particularly significant as various bikes expected for home use, weighing only 86 pounds when totally gathered, it’s at this point a genuinely consistent bike. Any customer up to the best maintained load of 275 lbs (125 kg), should not expect that this bike would wobble or shake in its place, regardless, during the most mentioned exercise gatherings. The essential tubing of the bike is twofold covered with unfriendly to damaging paint, with a wonderful red, shimmering finish. Furthermore the rule packaging of the bike has more sensitive lines than various bikes in this worth reach, which feature a more regular packaging plan. Fundamentally, it’s a bike that really looks smashing.

The impression of the Fusion GS is truly similar to various bikes. It takes around 45″L x 21″W (114 x 53 cm) of floor space, and should fit well even into a more humble room. The bike’s bases are finished with plastic covers, and adaptable levelers. Thus, you should have the choice to settle the bike totally on basically any sort of floor. The front base similarly has little vehicle wheels for the less difficult development of the totally accumulated bike.


The Bladez Fitness Fusion GS Indoor Cycle is totally Adjustable which is pleasingly stunning in this worth of reach. You can move both the handlebars and seat up and on a level plane using the change posts. This infers you can get the bike to fit properly for the most pleasing and capable exercise. It can help with holding injury and strain back from being in some unsatisfactory position when doing long activities.

The progressions are expedient and easy to do. You fix the handles or switches and slide the bar into position and a short time later fix again. Right when properly fixed they don’t appear to wriggle even at the most widened position when you are working out.

The best height that the bike can oblige is 6 ft 2 ins and a base height of 5 ft, but it can depend upon your leg length and center length when gravitating toward these heights to get the bike to fit properly.

It is less complex to get the bike set suitably than various bikes since you can move the handlebars and seat totally (most bikes you can just totally change the seat and the handlebars should be moved vertical).

To help in choosing if the bike is fitting for your leg length here are the distances you can change the seat from the pedals in their down position:

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Max. distance: 33.5 inches

Min. distance: 28 inches


Resistance on the flywheel is a huge component of turning bikes to get a fair cardio workout. It ought to be not hard to change and be steady so you can set it to where you want it for the slant climbs and standing separated from the seat.

Bladez Fusion GS Indoor Cycle uses a manual structure for growing/decreasing resistance that is a common procedure with indoor cycles. There is a handle at the most elevated place of the packaging that you go to augment or decrease the crushing achieved by the felt wool pad that sits on the most elevated mark of the flywheel. This capacity is splendid to apply consistent and solid deterrent that you can rely upon and is steady so you can change the security from the level you really want.

With the manual change (this is something basically the same for all bikes I’ve seen with manual blocks) there are no markings to exhibit levels of resistance. This infers that the primary way you can get back to past setting is by secret and feel. The fundamental bikes that have stepped levels are those with appealing deterrent coordinated with their control community anyway these are impressively more exorbitant. 

With the manual block the pad will wear out and you will hear a quiet upheaval of it scouring against the flywheel. This isn’t unmistakably and should not hold you back from working out around evening time or instantly in the initial segment of the day expecting you want to. The pad should last 6 to a year before requiring displacement and can be bought from the creator.

If you truly need to get off the bike quickly you push down seriously with the obstacle handle and the resistance capacities as a brake to stop the flywheel and pedals turning.

Drive Type

The bike has a good stuff, which works moreover to children’s tricycles in that while the flywheel (front wheel) is turning the pedals are turning. This helps with giving you better exercise so you don’t get more than unwind by floating or freewheeling, rather you need to keep on moving your legs. This is normal for indoor cycles and wind bikes.

The drive is a chain drive that resembles those on road bikes (with the gear-tooth wheels).

The Fusion GS model has a fairly lighter flywheel than the Bladez Master GS. Regardless, it’s at this point a considerable flywheel. At 40 lbs (18 kg) it most certainly can supply a dependable power. It’s moreover edge weighted, propelling a smooth speeding up development. The crankset is in like manner solid, including all-steel parts, contributing by an extraordinary arrangement to the strength of the bike. To place it suddenly, this bike can withstand a customer up to the recorded most outrageous cutoff, in full, stand-up speeding up plan.

The pedals gave the bike feature toe-limits, yet no adaptable lashes. They do have standard strings notwithstanding, and you should have the choice to easily find replacements, in case you wish to use clipless pedals.

The Q variable of the bike is fairly wide. At 8.7″ (220 mm) it is extremely over the typical Q variable of most road bikes, which is 150 mm (5.9″). In any case, a more broad Q factor is exceptionally ordinary practically speaking bikes. If this is an issue, the Sunny Pro SF-B901 features a more modest Q Factor, of 7.1″ (180 mm), like the ordinary exploring bike.

The last point related to the drive course of action of this action bike regards its push ahead stature. The distance between the lower pedal and the floor is 6.3″ (16 cm), making the bike extremely easy to mount.

Accepting you would prefer not to be stressed over upkeep or the upheaval the choice rather than the chain drive is the belt drive. With these there is no help needed (regardless of the way that it will require superseding at some stage in a few years time) and it is incredibly serene. Most bikes in this range don’t go with a belt drive. Nonetheless, there is one and that is the particularly regarded Sunny Health and Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycle.


The best perspective concerning this current bike’s handlebar is the front to toward the back adaptability. Moderately a couple of bikes in this worth reach offer this part. In addition to this gives you the probability to adjust the bike to fit immaculately to your body, it moreover widely grows its activity positions range.

Clearly, the handlebar is versatile, height keen as well. At its base stature setting, the handlebar is 45″ (114.3 cm) from the floor, while at its most important, is at 48.5″ (123.2 cm).

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The handlebar incorporates a multi-handle plan, but with a fundamental turn of events, nothing exorbitantly luxurious. It maintains a couple of activity positions, as basically any road bike. It’s totally covered by a versatile foam surface for a more pleasing handle, and to hinder any damage to the hands which may relate to deferred practice gatherings.


In spite of the way that the seat gave the Bladez Fusion GS bike is 4-way adaptable especially like the handlebar, it’s not all things considered potentially the most pleasant seat. Most cyclists should be used to this kind of seat, and by and large endorse it. In any case, new customers may believe that it is to some degree abnormal, fundamentally for the couple of first exercise gatherings. The inspiring news is, it incorporates a standard affiliation system, and you can without a very remarkable stretch track down a replacement.

However, the bike isn’t made for incredibly tall customers. The seat’s main post enables the bike to accommodate users between 5’0″ – 6’2″ (152.5 – 188 cm). At maximum height setting, the bike’s seat stands cca 40″ (101.6 cm) above the floor, while in minimum position setting, it’s at 34.3″ (87 cm).


The bike pedals go with containers for sliding your shoes into to help with moving this way and that while cycling. There are no connections to fix them onto your shoes which can mean your feet may feel free in them when you are speeding up hard anyway your feet shouldn’t lose their grip regardless, when standing up out of the seat.

These pedals do help with holding the expense down and for certain people they work successfully in keeping the feet securely on the pedals. Be that as it may, accepting what you really want you can change the pedals for other standard bike assessed pedals to give you a prevalent quality handle while cycling or turning.

If you ride an outside bike you are possibly going to see that your feet are further isolated when riding this bike as it has a q variable of 8.7 inches ( the level distance between the pedals) which is wide anyway average for indoor cycle bikes. It might require some speculation to become acclimated with yet expecting you really want a more modest q-factor for a bike and need to finish with a tantamount expense then the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycle has a q-component of 7 1/8 inches yet doesn’t go with handlebars that can change equitably or a control community.


It is bizarre and incredible to see a PC on a turn bike at this worth of reach.

It is a major one that tells you time elapsed, speed, distance, complete distance, calories devoured or you set to investigate them while you are working out. This can help with keeping you convinced and move you harder by getting this analysis while you are on the bike.

It rejects any activity programs included to follow anyway there are by and by a great deal of turning practices you can follow online which is what numerous people do to get a good hard exercise.

You can’t store the information or move it to a health account on the web. So to screen progress you truly need to truly record in a journal or accounting page.

Beside the time sneaked past all of the still up in the air checks, most ideal situation, yet they can help in after progression. The calories don’t consider your weight or how much hindrance you are pushing against.

The control place is organized in handlebars. It is constrained by 2 AA batteries and these are given. The LCD screen is nearly nothing yet can be scrutinized while riding. You can simply see one data scrutinizing while simultaneously rehearsing or you can switch through them while you ride.

It slows down if there has been no cycling or attaches pushed for 4 minutes which offers you a chance to get off the bike if you truly need to finish off your compartment or for various reasons and get back on it without losing your activity numbers.


The bike is 45 inches long by 21 inches wide so doesn’t consume a ton of room and could be taken care of in a colossal storage space when not being used. It is profound, weighing 86 lbs. To help with this it has 2 little wheels at the front you can tip the bike on to, to move around your home. They take a huge piece of weight so you simply need to move it and not pass on it.

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Regardless, the wheels are small and I think if you have this on the cover the wheels will slow down in the load fixing things to such an extent that you really want to drag it as opposed to wheeling it. On hard surfaces the wheels should be fine anyway you may have to ensure that they don’t gouge or stamp wooden floors.

Assembly & Maintenance

Flywheel, wrench structure and chain come recently annexed to the edge and related alongside the chain screen similarly in its place, covering the chain and wrench. Brake pad and resistance handle are similarly joined and utilitarian. Thus, getting together requires the addition of the edge bases, seat, handlebars, pedals, and the relationship of the control community. It shouldn’t need more than 20-30 minutes. The instruments and the owner’s manual are furthermore included.

In light of the truth this bike has a chain drive and a disintegration resistance structure, some help is required. Chain ought to be lubed up sometimes, while the felt pad may in like manner require oil. The brake pad will similarly destroy at some point or another, and will require replacement. In any case, the pad should continue to go somewhere near one year of use.

Other than this, the bike basically doesn’t require other help. Essentially kill the buildup sometimes.


  • Quiet drive system
  • Bottle holder included
  • Multi-grip handlebar
  • Really easy to assemble
  • Little maintenance required
  • Sturdy frame, with a smooth design
  • Performance monitor included
  • Not an extremely heavy bike, easy to transport
  • Chain drive, which can basically last a lifetime
  • Great micro adjustability, both seat and handlebars are 4-way adjustable
  • Balanced, heavy flywheel, for a consistent momentum, and smooth pedaling
  • Solid crank system, able to hold the user in stand-up pedaling position
  • Pedals with toe cages, and standard threads, which can easily be replaced, if needed
  • Excellent warranty package, a lot better than in other bikes in this price range


  • Customer service is not as proactive as it should be
  • Nowhere to plug in MP3 player nor anywhere to place a book
  • Durability is questionable on some of the bikes in particular the pedal
  • Console does not include workout programs nor can you monitor heart rate
  • Not a very comfortable seat, but it can easily be replaced, or equipped with a gel cover
  • A rather wide Q factor, not recommended for users with knee problems, as it may put too much strain on the knees
  • Pedals have toe baskets and do not accommodate spinning or specialist cycling shoes

Customer Ratings

The reviews on this bike are mixed in with specific people very happy with it and others baffled in actuality.

To be sensible there can be issues with the collecting of anything (but this should be insignificant) and there seems to have been a couple of issues with the pedals and turn. I’ve seen this on some various bikes anyway; the colossal differentiation is the means by which the association responds when there is a wrecked thing. This is where it seems they have let themselves and their customers down in sorting out the issue and where major replacing the part or bike.

Having said that when they pass on a “totally fit” bike they are fiery and can take the difficulties of high genuine activities.

Bottom Line

The Bladez Fusion GS is actually one of the best, and most inclusive indoor cycling bikes, under $300. It offers superior micro adjustability, a solid build and a performance monitor, an accessory most other bikes in this price range do not come with. It’s a bike fit for users of all levels, great for cardio, stamina building, muscle toning and weight loss. You can actually burn 5-600 calories on this bike per hour. All in all, it’s a bike that offers great quality for the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is bladez a good brand?

It is the part of the famous Beistegui Hermanos Group that is revered for offering the superior quality fitness equipment setting the benchmark for perfection, quality and precision. Therefore, Bladez is known as the most trusted and reliable brand in the international fitness industry.

2. Is pedaling a stationary bike good exercise?

Riding a stationary bike can help build strength in your legs and lower body, especially if you use a higher resistance. The pedaling action can help strengthen your calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Additionally, it can work the muscles in your core, back, and glutes.

3. Are cyclists good in bed?

Cycling increases blood flow, which is scientifically proven to be good for your sex life. Increased blood flow to the body will give you more physical energy and longer lasting power in the bedroom.