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IRONMAN H-Class 510 for 2022 Reviews & Guide [Top Rated]

There are many indoor cycling bikes that you can buy for your home nowadays, but I have just discovered an impressive looking bike from Ironman Fitness that has been getting some good reviews.

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The Ironman name is synonymous with cycling because cycling is one of the three events included in the gruelling Ironman triathlons (along with swimming and running), and so with that in mind, they have set about designing a top quality machine that reflects the Ironman brand.

The Ironman H-Class 510 Indoor Training Cycle has a great deal to satisfy. Seeing as it comes from a brand that is related with pictures of greatness, perseverance, champions and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

With Ironman in the name there are a great deal of assumptions worked into the bicycle and in our audit we inspect whether it measures up.

The bicycle is a home twist bicycle with a 44 lbs flywheel, grating opposition, a control center, chain drive and steel development. It surely appears to have what is expected to give a quality reason for cardio exercises for whatever your wellness objectives are. Regardless of whether they are for moderate exercise to get into shape or for those needing extreme cardio exercises for preparing or turning to climb one more degree of molding.

Therefore I want to take a closer look at this Ironman H-Class 510 Indoor Training Cycle to see how good this bike is in reality, and to see if it compares favorably to some of the other bikes in this price range, such as the Sunny Health & Fitness bikes, for instance.


The bicycle is developed from steel to give a decent steady riding experience. There ought to be no wobbling or shaking experienced on the off chance that you’ve straightened out appropriately. This is the case regardless of how hard you are preparing or turning when you are in the seat or out of it. The bicycle will hold consistent when you are bouncing or moving among standing and seating.

The 44 lbs flywheel assists with giving a liquid riding movement by getting the pedals through the accelerating cycle. This stops any unevenness while accelerating that can occur with a lighter flywheel. This gives a smooth low effect exercise.

The bicycle has 4 stabilizer feet under the stabilizer bars that can be utilized to even out the bicycle assuming it is being utilized on a lopsided surface. You essentially turn them until there is no shaking from one side to another of the bicycle.

As the bicycle was recently delivered there isn’t any genuine information on how it faces true use. The producer has tried it and they thought that it is sturdy. They additionally have given a lifetime guarantee on the casing.

The bicycle unquestionably appears as though it will be strong and give inconvenience free exercises for quite a long time in the future.


The bicycle caters for individuals between the statues of 5ft and 6 ft 4 ins. The bicycle can be immediately adapted to various statues making it reasonable for multi-clients in a family.

It is completely movable with the seat and handlebars ready to be moved in 4 ways – all over, forward and in reverse.

The tallness change is finished by extricating the force pin handles and sliding the bar into spot and fixing the handles up once more. The posts have pre-set openings that you really want to use to hold the seat and handlebars set up. There are markings on the post to assist with changing the bicycle once again into the right spot assuming that it has been moved since you last utilized it.

The flat change utilizes a slider and can be miniature acclimated to precisely where you need it.

This all gives you a decent reach to get the bicycle to fit you appropriately and be agreeable for a successful exercise. This abstains from being confined up or over-extending, specifically getting your arrangement of your leg appropriately set assists with getting the best situation for the best exercise and furthermore helps in keeping away from injury.


The bicycle utilizes a calfskin cushion to give grating opposition that sits on the highest point of the flywheel. To change the opposition you turn the strain handle at the highest point of the edge to slacken or fix the cushion onto the flywheel.

The set up is like most twist bicycles utilizing rubbing opposition. You might hear a shushing sound from the cushion as the flywheel turns; however it is genuinely tranquil and far-fetched to upset you as you cycle. Just bicycles with attractive opposition will be calmer yet these bicycles do cost more. 

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As it utilizes contact the cushion will wear out with use. The cushions ordinarily last as long as a year prior to they need supplanting. At the point when they need supplanting you can source them from the provider.

The change goes from simple to hard and gives a steady measure of opposition. You might observe that you just need to make little changes in accordance with incrementing the protection from the level you need. It is gradual however delicate. You can utilize it to ride against a wide scope of obstruction levels for slope exercises of changing trouble.

There are no markings to tell you how hard you have set the obstruction which makes it hard to tell how hard you are functioning contrasted with a past exercise or getting back to a past setting. This is typical for turn bicycles and indoor cycles.

Drive type

The Ironman H-Class 510 Indoor Training Cycle utilizes a chain drive for turning the flywheel which is like the one you find on a street bicycle. It gives you a very riding feel as well. It does likewise accompany similar necessities to keep up with and makes a similar measure of commotion.

The support that is required is to grease up and fix as required. This will be under a street bicycle as you will not be showering it with soil and water as you get when riding a bicycle outside.

The commotion isn’t really awful, it is only a delicate clunking clamor as the chain moves over the sprockets. The sound is stifled a little by the chain monitor as well.

The chain watch is there to shield the chain from being harmed by sweat dropping on it yet it additionally shields your lower leg and garments from becoming involved with the drive.

The bicycle has a decent stuff which implies when the flywheel is moving so are the pedals as well as the other way around. The heaviness of the flywheel keeps it moving after you quit accelerating so you should be cautious when halting that you do this gradually or utilize the crisis brake to try not to harm yourself.

If you’re not used to turning bicycles this takes a little becoming acclimated to yet it is the way the majority of them work. Indeed the main bicycle I’ve looked into to date that doesn’t utilize proper stuff is the Schwinn AC Sport where you push back on the pedals and it sets them free from the stuff. It is an amazing bicycle yet it costs more and doesn’t accompany a PC as standard.


The bicycle’s pedals accompany toe crates and lashes. These fit typical athletic shoes which you slip into the bushel and fix the ties to give a decent hold on the pedals. Your feet shouldn’t slip when you are pushing or getting through the pedal cycle.

The pedals are produced using steel so you ought to have no issues remaining on them and there is probably going to be any sideways development or flexing to stress over.

The bicycle doesn’t take standard size bicycle pedals so you will not have the option to trade them for your beloved pedals.

Fitness computer

The Ironman H-Class 510 indoor training cycle is supplied with a fitness computer. This unit has quite a bit more to offer than the average fitness meter. First of all, it can track speed, time, distance, RPM, calories and pulse. And second of all, it gives you the possibility to set up workout targets for time, distance, calories and pulse. It has a SCAN function that rotates these values, indicating each one for 6 seconds, then moving to the next and so on. It also has a recovery test program, which measures how quickly your heart rate returns to normal after exercising.

This bike computer unit is telemetry enabled. Not only can it track pulse via the sensors integrated in the handlebar, it can also communicate with a HR chest strap transmitter. It’s compatible with most 5.0 kHz frequency HR transmitter straps. This accessory is not included though.

The computer is easy to use. It features four buttons: MODE, SET, RESET and RECOVERY. Essentially, MODE is the navigation and confirmation button for all values. SET gives you the possibility to set a value for time, distance, pulse and calories. RESET, as the term suggests, resets all values. And finally, the RECOVERY button accesses the recovery test program.

Last but not least, the computer unit uses 2 AAA-type batteries which are included.

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Noise: It’s anything but a quiet bicycle however it hushes up. You’ll hear a calm shushing sound from the opposition cushion and low ringing commotion from the chain. You might have to turn up the TV somewhat to hear it. Anybody in the following room is probably not going to hear the bicycle. It is probably not going to upset anybody assuming you use it in the evening, aside from the lightest sleepers. You ought to also have the option to exercise during a kid’s naptime assuming you find the opportunity.

Dust & Dirt: The bicycle is genuinely spotless yet it will drop dust from the obstruction cushion and grease onto the floor. Sweat is probably going to drop too as you exercise. The mat ought to shield your floor from any harm. The actual bicycle should have a speedy clean to hold it back from getting harmed from sweat.

Handlebars: The handlebars are covered for a superior grasp when your hands get sweat-soaked and forestalling rankles. It gives a little cushioning yet you are probably going to observe it isn’t sufficient assuming you are inclining toward them for an extensive stretch of time with your lower arms.

You can hold the handlebars in various situations for turning and preparing. This remembers for the middle, at shoulder width separated, at the closures and in the air position.

Riding Position: You ride this bicycle like you would a street bicycle by sitting upstanding and inclining advances onto the handlebars. In case you have a back issue this probably won’t be the best bicycle for yourself and one of the activity bicycle types perhaps better method for getting your activity.

Seat: This has a standard bicycle seat that you dislike particularly assuming you are new to riding. The solace of a bicycle seat is truly down to individual inclination and some will see it fine and others will see it excruciating. Assuming you are one of those that thinks that it is agonizing you can change the seat for one you like that fits a standard bicycle. You could likewise attempt a gel seat cover and additionally cushioned bicycle shorts.

Capacity: Despite the fact that it is a steady bicycle it is very conservative making it useful for putting away far removed when not being used. The bicycle’s impression is 48 ins by 20 ins so it very well may be put away against a divider or under the steps without any problem.

To help in moving the bicycle it has 2 vehicle wheels on the front stabilizer bar that you tip the bicycle onto. They take the greater part of the 121 lbs weight of the bicycle passing on you to explore the bicycle to where you need it to go. A little consideration should be taken to guarantee you don’t lose your equilibrium which can occur albeit the greater part of the weight is abominable so it has low focal point of gravity assists with forestalling this.

It should move effectively over most surfaces including floor covering because of wheels being uncovered so there is little for the rug heap to get found out in. Assuming you have a wooden floor it is a smart thought to check that moving the bicycle doesn’t scratch or imprint it.

Ironman H-Class 510 Indoor Training Cycle Assembly

The hardest piece of the gathering is probably going to deal with the heaviness of it when putting on the stabilizer bars. The transportation weight is 145 lbs and the collected weight is 121 lbs. Therefore it is smart for there to be you 2 so you don’t harm the bicycle or surprisingly more dreadful harm yourself.

Beside the weight it is clear with everything required for the gathering included and simple to find. It comes to some extent collected with you really wanting just to wrap up the task.

To finish the get together you want to eliminate the insurance bars then, at that point, join the stabilizer bars, water bottle holder, pedals, change posts, seat, handlebars and introduce the PC.

In introducing the PC there is no taking care of wires should have been done simply appending to handlebars and connecting the wires to the bicycle.


The control center estimates watts however on checking through the manual it doesn’t really do this. It estimates RPM, speed, time, distance, calories and heartbeat.

The presentation is all around situated for review at the front of the bicycle, however perhaps somewhat difficult to find in helpless lighting as it doesn’t seem to have a backdrop illumination. The screen can show every one of the numbers without a moment’s delay.

It fires up when you begin accelerating and you can have it simply screen and count the numbers for you or you can set focuses for time, distance, calories and heartbeat. For time, distance and calories it counts in reverse until it arrives at zero For the beat rate the PC blares when target pulse is reached.

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You can set the showcase to look over the qualities like clockwork , see all numbers shown or simply see a solitary worth.

It has 4 buttons under the screen to program in settings including targets and for testing your heart recuperation rate.

The pulse recuperation allows you to decide how rapidly your pulse gets back to business as usual after an exercise. It gives you a scale from quickest to slowest from F1 to F6. You press the recuperation button toward the finish of the work out and clasp hands on beat rate sensors in the handlebars.

Assuming you need to screen your pulse you really want to put your hands on the beat sensors on the handlebars. This implies you want to ride with your hands continually similarly situated assuming you need to see your pulse consistently which is a touch of burden. Assuming you need you can combine it with a pulse tie however you want to supply this. It is viable with 5.0KHz recurrence heart lashes. any uncoded lashes should work however Uncoded Polar chest belts or uncoded Timex Chest belts will work. They should be uncoded as some are coded to work with a particular machine.

The PC utilizes 2 AAA batteries to drive it which are incorporated.

The data on the control center isn’t put away from an exercise and it can’t be transferred to an App or record. Assuming you need to follow progress this should be done physically in an accounting page or diary. There aren’t that many bicycles that offer you this with the closest bicycle being the Ironman H-Class 520 giving you that usefulness yet costing all the more presently however it accompanies premium highlights including attractive opposition and belt drive.

Key Features

  • Water bottle holder included.
  • Chest belt compatible with 5.0 KHz frequency belts.
  • Accommodates riders 5’ to 6’4”.
  • Chain drive to simulate the road bike experience.
  • Easy to reach top down leather pad braking system.
  • 4 directional seat adjustment (up/down and front/back)
  • Upgraded 3-piece crank system prevents any maintenance issues.
  • Steel pedals with toe cages and straps to prevent any foot slippage.
  • Stand up pedaling is capable of simulating that uphill bike experience.
  • 2 directional pedaling capability.
  • Multi-grip handlebars for different hand and forearm positions.
  • Target your heart rate zone via pulse sensors located on the handlebars.
  • Adjustable floor stabilizers for leveling and prevents the bike from rocking or tipping.
  • Fully lab tested steel frame construction for durability, performance and endurance.
  • 44 lb aligned and balanced flywheel for consistent and smooth motion.
  • Bonus waterproof PVC equipment mat for floor protection and noise reduction when exercising.


  • Height: 40”
  • Width: 20”
  • Length: 48”
  • Item weight: 121 lbs
  • Max user weight: 275 lbs


  • Rubberized mat included
  • Bottle holder included
  • Really easy to assemble
  • Little maintenance required
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Super warranty plan
  • Bases with adjustable, rubber levelers
  • Quiet operation, great for apartment use
  • 4-way adjustable seat (up, down, front, back)
  • 4-way adjustable handlebar (up, down, front, back), with a multi-grip design
  • Pulse sensors and aerobars integrated in the handlebar
  • 44 lbs heavy, balanced flywheel for a smooth pedaling motion and solid momentum
  • Solid frame, built like a tank, similar to the more expensive spin bikes
  • Heavy-duty crank, able to support any user up to the maximum listed weight, in upright pedaling position
  • Hybrid pedals, clipless on one side, with toe clips on the other
  • Bike computer included, being able to track speed, time, distance, calories, pulse and RPM, also featuring a heart recovery test
  • Console is telemetry enabled, compatible with 5.0 kHz chest strap HR transmitters


  • No tablet holder, but you should be able to install one on the aerobars;
  • The display of the computer is not backlit, and may be difficult to read in a room with poor lighting.

Final Words

The Ironman Fitness H-Class 510 is one of the best and most inclusive indoor cycling bikes for home use. It offers the sturdiness of a spin class bike, but unfortunately can only support users up to 275 lbs. On the other hand though, it’s a model that covers the full spectrum of workouts that can be carried out on a spin bike. It’s great for stamina and strength training, it can help you achieve superior cardio workouts, and of course, it’s an excellent machine for losing weight. It comes with a fitness computer and a mat as a bonus, but costs considerably less than a club bike. Therefore, it’s a bike that offers great value for the money, an investment that you won’t regret.