Best Shoes for a Rowing Machine Reviews of 2022 [Top Picks by Expert]

Best shoes for a rowing machine


In contrast to running, paddling little affects the feet and knees, particularly when done effectively. Subsequently, thick outsoles are not needed. Without a doubt, shoes with level soles and less padding are best and more agreeable for paddling machine practice shoes. All paddling gear should be agreeable and breathable and permit the wearer opportunity of development. For anybody with existing joint issues or people who are overweight, the high-sway practice systems likely could be near on difficult to perform. Paddling exercise machines are an extraordinary method for getting fit and proposition a reasonable exercise strategy for the individuals who can’t attempt weight-bearing activities like running or in any event, strolling. The water paddling machines are painstakingly intended to precisely copy paddling boat paddling and when done effectively there is no strain or effect on the feet. Assuming when you attempt a paddling exercise machine and generally disapprove of your feet it is possible that you really want to change your footwear for indoor paddling machines. The choice of paddling machine shoes here is for people and even provides food for those with foot issues on the grounds that no two sets of feet are something similar. The best paddling machine shoes ought to have the accompanying credits:

Our Top 3 Picks

#Top 1
INOV-8 Men F-Lite 235 V3, Color: Black/Gum, Size: 14 (000867-BKGU-S-01-14)
INOV-8 Men F-Lite 235 V3, Color: Black/Gum, Size: 14 (000867-BKGU-S-01-14)
- 26%
#Top 2
Weweya Barefoot Shoes for Women Breathable Toe Shoes Minimalist Running Indoor Rowing Treadmill Parkour Shoes Arch Support Green US Size 5
Weweya Barefoot Shoes for Women Breathable Toe Shoes Minimalist Running...
$36.99 $49.99 
- 20%
#Top 3
Weweya Minimalist Shoes Men Five Fingers Cross Training Barefoot Trail Running Shoes Workout Treadmill Biking Runners Tennis Indoor Rowing Throwing Size 9.5 Black
Weweya Minimalist Shoes Men Five Fingers Cross Training Barefoot Trail...
$39.99 $49.99 


1. Merrell Men’s Trail Glove 3 Minimal Trail Shoe


The Trail Glove 3 Minimal shoes are focused on the running business sector, yet there is no motivation behind why they won’t fill in as paddling exercise shoes, particularly as the primary selling point is the glove-like fit. The 100% material uppers are Mesh and TPU material and the sole is elastic. An exact glove-like fit is accomplished by the Omni-fit binding framework and the shoes do have an intelligent detail assuming that you are intending to utilize them for running just as shoes for paddling machine work out. Coming up consistent with the size they are accessible in sizes 8-14. They are presented in four colorways: beat up; dark and dim, orange and naval force, and blue and lime green. Solace and newness are given by the M Select™ FRESH treatment to assist with diminishing smells and the decent froth footbed and they additionally have a delicately cushioned tongue and collar. Many individuals go on and on with regards to the first path glove running shoe and the explanation that they do is a result of the moderate style and the genuine fit perfectly, yet when of this third-age, the shoe has a significantly more blended gathering from sprinters.


Key Features


  • 100% Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Elastic sole



  • The shoes are lightweight and upscale, consistent with the size and the four shading ways give the purchaser a decision.
  • They are very lightweight at 9oz.



  • I was unable to track down any.

2. Merrell Women’s Trail Glove 3 Minimal Trail Shoe


Sold in US sizes 5 to 11 these are planned as an insignificant mentor intended to give a genuine feel with little between your feet and the ground. Despite the fact that they do.

Anyway highlight the TrailProtect™ cushion to give underneath assurance, the plan implies that as indoor paddling shoes there is a great feel and with zero drops you expand the productivity of force move from your feet onto the foot sheets. These shoes highlight the Vibram TC5+ sole, an elastic sole that is strong, slip-safe, and produced using reused materials. The upper is artificial material and cross-section with customary style trim conclusion. For solace, they have a breathable cross-section lining. The Merrell shoes for home paddling machine exercise are profoundly adaptable and highlight the Omni-fit binding framework for an adaptable fits perfectly type fit. They are accessible in nine shading varieties, so there will undoubtedly be something there to suit everybody. The shoes are likewise 100% veggie lover amicable.

Key Features

  • 100% Fabric or Textile
  • Imported
  • Vibram sole
  • Network Upper
  • Zero Drop
  • Shoeless Technology
  • Vibram Outsole
  • Solid



  • Lightweight
  • Intended to give great underneath feel.
  • Zero drops, which is great for paddling exercise shoes.



  • I can’t track down any.


3. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Shoes


These are intended for CrossFit with input from the CrossFit local area and are subsequently made for the particular prerequisites of CrossFit competitors and that incorporates paddling machine work out. This variant is intended to outperform the past models and has been re-designed to join Flexweave upper for breathability, strength, and toughness just as target support. That is not too’s new there is another heel bootie development that Reebok says ‘gives extreme execution solace’, and their toe section gives assurance to the toe region for sports exercises. The Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 are developed with manufactured materials and have high scraped spot elastic outsoles. The outsoles are overall quite steady, strong, however adaptable enough to be coordinated. The Reebok paddling exercise machine shoes have seven eyelets for exact fit. They do make a decent pair of shoes for paddling machine work out. They are accessible in 19 tones and sizes from 6.5 to 14.

Key Features

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Elastic sole
  • Shaft gauges roughly low-top from the curve
  • Manufactured
  • Imported
  • Elastic sole
  • Shaft gauges roughly low-top from the curve
  • Reebok Shoes
  • Imported



  • Planned in light of Crossfit the Reebok Nano 8 has a wide toe box, insignificant drop outsole, and the Flexweave upper.



  • Estimating, you might have to arrange a half size up.
  • Not especially ideal to see paddling exercise shoes.

4. Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer


The re-designed Flexweave innovation is intended to give strength, breathability, and adaptability. The framework permits the shoe to flex more in certain spots while being more inflexible in others and makes a decent agreeable fit for all states of the foot. The material is lightweight and tough to give stretch and support and the Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer likewise includes low profile styling intended to expand lower leg portability. Reebok has likewise made new heel bootie development that additionally has added padding for added solace that along with the truly steady padded sole gives backing to assist with forestalling shin supports and spasms. The shoes likewise have the Reebok ‘Toe Tection’ for expanded strength. On account of the adaptable elastic sole, the shoe holds well and feels stable when utilized as paddling exercise shoes. The Reebok Women’s variant of the Nano 8 comes in 21 alluring shading ways and comes up consistent with foot size.

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Key Features

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Manufactured sole
  • Shaft gauges around low-top from the curve
  • Solid AND LIGHTWEIGHT Metal: This flex weave is woven tennis shoes give tough stretch and backing; Re-designed Flexweave innovation gives soundness and adaptability
  • Proficient FOOT SUPPORT: These slick mentors with new impact point bootie development with added padding gives extreme execution solace
  • Agreeable AND STURDY DESIGN: This footwear highlights Toe Section that gives toughness to focused energy exercises; Low-cut plan for an expanded lower legs portability so you continue to move the entire day
  • Elite PERFORMANCE SPORTS SHOES: Ideal for exercises and weightlifting



  • The shoes truly embrace the feet and the liberal toe box guarantees great toe solace while flexing the feet.
  • They give a decent grasp and the mend doesn’t slip.
  • These focuses guarantee that these are some of the most outstanding paddling shoes.


  • Couldn’t track down any


5. New Balance Women’s Minimus Running & Rowing Shoes


The shoes are planned as a moderate lightweight running shoe for rough terrain trail running anyway with the prevalent grasp from the Vibram® elastic soles and a low drop guarantees that they function admirably as paddling exercise shoes. The uppers are an adaptable engineered network blend and a mid-foot calfskin wrap is incorporated to keep the feet solidly in position and make the NBs perhaps the best shoe for indoor paddling. Shading astute they are less motivating than some other paddling exercise shoes accessible. They do offer a decision of six shading ways, however, these are totally founded on dark. The Minimus V10 V1 is presented in sizes 5 to 12 and in a decision of standard and wide fittings. ACTEVA padded sole padding for adaptable, adaptable help.

Key Features

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Elastic sole
  • Shaft gauges around low-top from the curve
  • Acteva padded sole. Heel pull circle
  • Antimicrobial treatment to lessen the scent
  • 4 mm drop, Vibram outsole
  • With an upper made of adaptable lattice materials and a Vibram outsole with flex grooves.
  • This present ladies’ path running shoe offers the foothold and strength you want to run on a rough path. Trim up conclusion



  • Presented in norm and wide fitting, so a distinct professional for those with more extensive feet.
  • Low drop and the lightest weight presenting under survey.



  • Sizes run little, so request a half size or even a standard bigger than typical.
  • The bands don’t slide by any means and need physically taking care of through each opening each time they are put on and taken off.
  • Restricted shading decision, particularly in the event that you don’t care for dark

6. Voovix Women & Men’s Barefoot Athletic Trail Shoes


Planned with additional adaptability, the Voovix shoes are appropriate for most kinds of activity. Because of their lightweight and breathable weave texture and elastic sole, these paddling shoes are truly agreeable and furthermore non-slip. Furthermore, they are not difficult to slip on and off because of their great degree of adaptability. Voovix gives a size outline, so you can gauge your feet for the ideal size preceding requesting, which is an incredible benefit over different shoes that have purchasers returning and buying bigger or more modest sizes. The toe box is painstakingly intended to give toes wriggle room as well. There is an enormous decision of 11 tones and these are a great assortment to suit all preferences of people. The exercise shoes highlight waste openings for sprinters who are exceptionally breathable and launderable which contributes to making this pair probably the best shoe for paddling machine exercise.

Key Features

  • Elastic sole
  • Proficient solace plan: Our shoeless shoes are intended to fit the foot and feel great. Long haul wear can fortify the muscles of the foot. With more grounded adornment muscles in the foot, injury rates were relied upon to drop, and running effectiveness would improve.
  • Wide toe box: The moderate path running shoes have adequate space to loosen up the toes and let them stretch normally, making the feet more easygoing during activity and assisting with keeping up with the balance. If your foot width is typical, the shoe width can be changed openly by versatile bands.
  • Updated materials: The stretchy upper is exceptionally ventilated and breathable. Against slip elastic outsole gives extraordinary grasp and insurance. Delicate removable insoles will comfort your feet all the time. They are all skin-accommodating materials and you can decide to wear socks or not.
  • Level zero-drop bottom: A zero-drop underside puts your forefoot and impact point in a level surface which upholds a solid stance and puts less weight on the joints. The entire shoe is lightweight and flexible. They will be the shoes that you feel generally good and are allowed to wear.
  • Multi-useful shoes for different exercises: These moderate open-air shoeless shoes are reasonable for some events, like preparing, strolling, running, running, rec center, climbing, trekking, setting up camp, etc. This pair of multi-useful shoes is an absolute necessity to have to shoe in your shoe bureau.



  • A size graph to pick the right size is a valuable expansion to assist with purchasing.
  • The Voovix paddling shoes are adaptable and simple to wash and rush to dry.
  • They are zero drops and accompanied by a delicate agreeable insole.



  • Not quite so tough as different brands like NB.


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7. Troadlop Men’s Hiking Quick Drying Trail Shoes


Intended to be more adaptable for any type of activity the lightweight and breathable weaved texture is profoundly adaptable similar to the elastic sole, which is additionally non-slip. They are not difficult to slip on and off because of their great degree of adaptability. Troadloup gives a size graph, so you can quantify your feet for the ideal size preceding requesting, which is an extraordinary benefit over contenders that have individuals returning and buying bigger or more modest sizes. The toe box is painstakingly intended to give toes wriggle room as well. There is a huge decision of 26 tones and these are a great assortment to suit all preferences. The shoe highlight waste openings for sprinters are exceptionally breathable and launderable which contributes to making this pair perhaps the best shoe for paddling machine exercise.

Key Features

  • Elastic sole
  • Tough SOLE: Anti-slip elastic outsole with a remarkable example, increment the track bond to forestall slipping. one of a kind and solid sole with openings on base to guarantee appropriate water stream out of them which establishes a cooler and better shoe climate, fast dry, very open to during water sports
  • Agreeable: The elastic bottom has a truly agreeable and thick froth curved help embed inside, which is both adaptable and thick to shield your feet from stepping on rocks and stones. Simultaneously, the insoles impeccably match the shoes and keep you from tumbling off during climbing or water sports
  • Style Design: A trendy toe with a toe look gives you a more beautiful and remarkable dressing experience. In spite of the fact that there are no different openings, thicker toe covers give serious padding, which you want to help when climbing and climbing. Try not to stress that they will scratch your large toe while strolling, we give adequate room to guarantee solace
  • Versatility AND CONVENIENT: Breathable and smooth textures with fine stretch on uppers. Non-network, don’t give the sand access to the shoes. The shoe is super light, adaptable, and agreeable. An optimal shoe for rowers, surfers, kayakers, and SUP devotees, the shoe gives grasp and solace out on the water and packs effectively into a dry sack toward the day’s end
  • Land and/or water capable: Shoes are land and/or water capable shoes that guarantee you can appreciate life ashore or in the water. You can surf, gulch, kayak, camp, zipline, swim, hop, stream journey, paddle, swim, downpour, downpour, ocean side outings, shopping, travel, water heart stimulating exercise, running, Walking, utilizing water sports shoes, or playing ground in any water movement



  • A size outline to pick the right size is a valuable expansion to assist with purchasing.
  • The Troadlop home paddling shoes are adaptable and simple to wash and rush to dry.
  • They are zero drops.


  • Heavier than the opposition.


8. ASICS Women’s Gel Kayano Running & Rowing Shoes


The Asics Gel-Kayano comes up in pursuit as appropriate for paddling machine use and apparently there are some charming elements to these shoes for paddling at home. They arrive at a decision of 21 shading ways which highlights everything from dark on dark to fluorescent shading plans. They highlight a back foot and forefoot gel innovation that is intended to work on the step of sprinters and their other interesting selling point is ASICS SpevaFoam 45 Lasting, for further developed solace by giving a delicate stage feel. Albeit not advanced as nonslip their nonslip properties are great. Cautious development procedures guarantee that they are crease allowed to stay away from pressure focuses and abrading and the dispersal of the eyelets is intended to guarantee an all the more even tension dissemination over the binding and for a uniquely fit feel.

The ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 25 likewise includes an inward versatile sleeve to fit cozily around the feet like a sock giving breathability and dampness to the board. Accessible in sizes 5 to 12 the ASICS indoor paddling footwear run somewhat little and are thin, so it is prudent to go up a size for a more extensive fit and in some measures a large portion of a size for length.

Key Features

  • Manufactured and-network
  • Imported
  • Elastic sole
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Technology Cushioning System – Attenuates shock during effect and toe-off stages, and permits development in different planes as the foot changes through the step cycle.
  • I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) Technology – ASICS plan reasoning that utilizes connected componentry to improve the foot’s regular stride from impact point strike to toe-off.
  • Direction Line Midsole Technology – Vertical flex groove decouples the tooling along the line of movement for upgraded walk productivity.
  • Direction Trusstic System Technology – This Trusstic System Technology coordinates Guidance Line development for improved step proficiency while giving midfoot primary uprightness.
  • SpevaFoam 45 Lasting – Employs 45-degree full-length SpevaFoam 45 enduring material for a delicate stage feel and further developed solace.



  • With a decision of 21 tones to browse there makes certain to be something for everybody or shading for various outfits.
  • Useful for the people who have level feet or require extra foot support from their paddling exercise shoes.



  • 13mm drop.


9. ASICS Gel Kayano 25 Comfortable Rowing Shoes


The men’s Gel-Kayano 25 is intended for further developed degrees of recuperating holding. They additionally have the ASICS FlyteFoam Lyte innovation set up to offer help and with an open-toe box for solace. They have painstakingly scattered eyelets that give an exclusively fit encounter and surprisingly the tension circulation over the binding. An inner flexible sleeve fits cozily around the foot like a sock and gives breathability and dampness to the executives. The upper is artificial and network, the Gel-Kayano 25 are accessible in 14 shading plans and in sizes 6 to 15 with width decisions including wide and extra wide. They do run somewhat little and it is prudent to purchase a half size bigger than expected. With a lot of traits being to do with step effectiveness, these shoes are a decent decision for sprinters who require stride backing and who use paddling exercise machines just as running, and who require shoes that will work for paddling and running.

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Key Features

  • Network Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Elastic sole
  • I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) Technology – ASICS plan reasoning that utilizes connected componentry to upgrade the foot’s normal stride from impact point strike to toe-off.
  • Dynamic DuoMax Support System – This development of the DuoMax framework upgrades steadiness and backing, with diminished weight and expanded stage support.
  • Direction Line Midsole Technology – Vertical flex groove decouples the tooling along the line of movement for upgraded stride proficiency.
  • Direction Trusstic System Technology – This Trusstic System Technology coordinates Guidance Line development for upgraded stride proficiency while giving midfoot primary respectability.
  • Ortholite X-40 Sockliner – This premium sockliner highlights higher bounce back properties while giving phenomenal dampness to the executives and an undeniable degree of breathability (Ortholite is an enrolled brand name of ATP Manufacturing LLC.)



  • Great help.



  • 10mm drop.

10. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer Shoes


The Air Monarch IV Nike paddling shoes are the main choice here that has a calfskin upper. The cowhide is punctured alongside the lightweight froth padded sole and the exemplified full-length air sole unit to pad is intended for solace and breathability.

They are intended for cross coach use, yet are broadly worn as everyday general footwear and have a standing of being truly agreeable. Size savvy there is a lot of decision really 3.5 to 13 and a decent assortment of width measures too and they come up consistent with size. The Nike shoes for home water rowers are accessible in 8 shading plans dependent on high contrast. The sole is strong elastic and intended for toughness and to give footing, they have a drop of 10mm, and these proposition great curve support and furthermore a healthy degree of adaptability.

Key Features

  • Man-Made
  • Imported
  • Man-Made Sole
  • Shaft gauges around low-top from the curve
  • NIKE shoe MEN: The Nike Air Monarch IV (4E) Training Shoe for Men sets you up for an open to instructional meeting with strong calfskin on top for help.
  • Sturdy LEATHER: Men’s shoes are made with cowhide upper highlights for toughness and backing, while holes give wind current during each shoe wear.
  • Padded COMFORT and DURABLE SUPPORT: A lightweight froth padded sole with full-length embodied Air-Sole unit pads each step, giving the entire day solace in your Nike shoes.
  • Elastic OUTSOLE: Men’s Nike shoes are planned with a strong elastic outsole that is solid and gives footing over changed surfaces.
  • Way of life/GYM SHOE: Whether you’re searching for a way of life tennis shoes for men or new exercise center shoes, the Nike Air Monarch IV is the ideal shoe to address every one of your issues.



  • Shoes from Nike that are known to be agreeable to wear the entire day, so assuming you need shoes for paddling machine practice that you can likewise use for general wear these are a sure thing.
  • They offer great curve support for the individuals who need it.



  • At 10mm the drop is very high.



The writing is on the wall. Our rundown of the best indoor paddling shoes for people won’t break your ledger and proposition huge loads of significant worth and solace. As usual, remember what kind of perspectives you need in your indoor paddling hardware and apparel and read paddling machine shoe audits to truly ensure the size is valid and the toe-box width accommodates your feet’ shape.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of shoes do you wear rowing?

Sneakers/Running Shoes: Wear sneakers for comfort if you’ll be using the rowing machine, or ‘erg’. Shoes should not be worn in the boats, which have special rowing shoes fastened in place for each rower. YOU SHOULD BRING RUNNING SHOES TO EACH PRACTICE!

2. Can I use a rowing machine with no shoes?

Barefoot rowing is a good way to train you to stop moving your feet. Just remember that if you row barefoot you need to move the slide up a slot or two to compensate for the thickness of your shoe because without your shoe your foot will be lower. I place the straps just below the little toe.

3. What do you wear on your feet to row?

It’s a good idea to wear socks when you’re rowing as chances are you’ll be putting your feet into the shoes in the boat. … Any type of leggings are good for rowing because they won’t catch on the boat. Long leggings are great in cold weather whereas close-fitting shorts work well in the summer months.


4. Is Nike Metcons good for rowing?


Metcon 5: WODs


The shoe’s wide heel improves stability during heavy squats, snatches, cleans, and shoulder-to-overhead movements, while a Nike Hyperlift insert helps improve stability during heavy lifts as well as high-rep squats, wall balls, thrusters, and even rowing.

5. What do you wear to an indoor rowing class?


Your best bet would be either compression gear or anything relatively formfitting. Baggy sweatpants could weigh you down or interfere with your motion on the machine. “I recommend wearing compression-style bottoms to prevent any clothing snags in the wheels of the seat,” says Karwoski.