PowerTrain Spin Bike Reviews in 2022 [Top Quality Products]

‘Spinning’ has evolved as a generic term that consumers use to describe indoor cycling. But that is not what it is. The term is actually a trademarked term owned by a California company known as Mad Dogg Athletics. They trademarked the term more than 25 years ago for a wide range of products related to cycling.

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YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary - Cycle Bike with Ipad Mount & Comfortable Seat Cushion
YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary - Cycle Bike with Ipad Mount &...
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NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle with 30-Day iFIT Family Membership - NEW MODEL
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Schwinn Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike
Schwinn Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike

A spin bike is a stationary bike found mostly in gyms and training centers. It is said to provide a full-body workout and is very effective at strengthening the hips, thighs, calves, abs, and shoulders. Some features of spinning bikes include: reinforced pedals. 

Spin bikes are used for spinning group fitness classes and are more traditionally used by those who actually participate in cycling as a sport. They more closely mimic the body position that regular bikes do as the handlebar position is lower so you are more hunched over while using them.

Top 5 Powertrain Spin Bike Reviews

1. WXWS Indoor Cycling Spin Exercise Bike 

This WXWS Indoor Cycling Spin Exercise Bike includes 8 levels of seat adjustment and 5 levels of handlebar adjustment.  4-way adjustable shock-absorbing spring seat and 2-way adjustable non-slip handlebar. Exercise bikes accommodate most ladies and men or the entire family with a pleasant resistance bike home workout.

Adjustable magnetic spin bikes can meet any personalization requirements. Soft seat cushion can be adjusted up/down and backward/forward to fit needs from anybody in your family. Non-slip handlebar embedded with chips to track data of your body during fitness.

You may vary the workout intensity on the spin bikes for home training with an easy-to-reach resistance knob based on your personal preferences. You can also use the knob to put an end to your exercise in an emergency.

Key Features

  • Stable & Durability Gym Equipment for Home: The exercise bikes made with a heavy-duty polish steel frame,40 lbs flywheel and 300lbs user weight give this stationary bike a rock, modern, stable and solid build.
  • Adjustable Resistance Knob & Emergency Stop: The spin bikes for home training with an easy-reach resistance knob, you can adjust workout intensity based on your own preferences. and you can push down the knob to emergency stop your exercise.
  • Our Exercise Cycle Spin Bike has adjustable 8 levels Seat & 5 levels Handlebar: 4-ways adjustable shock absorbing spring seat and 2-ways adjustable non-slip handlebar exercise bikes fit most women and men or the whole family with a comfortable resistance bike home workout.
  • Lower Noise Belt Driven: The sound made during exercise can be ignored and a belt-driven exercise bike makes you easily burn calories and own a perfect body at the home gym through indoor training.
  • LCD Display for Sports Data: Stationary bike includes an LCD digital monitor that displays calories burned, time passed and distance traveled so you can monitor your progress and improvement over time.
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Item Dimensions LxWxH98 x 59 x 99 Centimeters
Item Weight30 Kilograms
MaterialAlloy Steel
Net Weight26.3 kg
Flywheel40 lbs
Max. Load Capacity300lbs


  • Time, distance display
  • Water bottle holder
  • Silent Belt Drive
  • Anti-slip Spray Paint 
  • Anti-skid and base 
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars

2. Cockatoo AB06WBC Stainless Steel Exercise Bike

The Cockatoo AB06WBC Stainless Steel Exercise Bike is one of the most popular bikes ever. This exercise Bike has a beautiful and sturdily built steel body, which ensures that you get many hours of constructive workout without the fear of disintegration.

Key Features

  •  6″ Lcd monitor, which tracks calories, time, speed and distance
  • Flywheel size: 3 kgs, 1 PC crank & one way bearing||fan based air resistance
  • Maximum user weight & height: 100kgs /150-195cm
  • Resistance level: Fan based resistance help you to intensify your exercise.With a simple twist oF knob, you can increase or decrease the level of magnetic resistance
  • This exercise Bike has a beautiful and sturdily built steel body, which ensures that you get many hours of constructive workout without the fear of disintegration
  • Dual-action handlebars will help in your upper body workout & your lower body as well .
  • Simply place this compact Bike in any corner of your home and get closer to being a more energetic and productive individual
  • The best exercise Bike design from the house of Cockatoo to make you stay fit despite your busy schedule


Item Dimensions LxWxH76.2 x 63.5 x 50.8 Centimeters
Maximum Height195 Centimetres
Item Weight24 Grams


  • Very effective
  • Easy to use

3. Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Air Bike Exercise Cycle

Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Air Bike Exercise Cycle with back support and moving handles Dual-Action Stationary Exercise Bike (Black) Cycling is a great cardio workout. It gets your heart rate up almost as much as running and burns lots of calories and helps in weight loss. It’s also gentle on your body.

Key Features

  • Health Benefits: Improve memory and brain functioning, lower blood pressure, better sleep, improved blood sugar levels, a stronger immune system, better mood, lower stress levels and more energy throughout the day.
  • Warranty: 1-year brand warranty on part failure and manufacturing defects.
  • Low-Impact Cardiovascular Workout: The Stationary Air Bike Cycle offers an excellent aerobic workout. Provides a lower body, low-impact, cardiovascular workout of hips, Legs, calves and buttocks. It gets your heart rate up almost as much as running and burns 4 times more calories than walking, helps lose weight and get in shape while putting minimal stress on your joints.
  • LCD Display: Digital meter tracks time, speed, distance and calories. Scan mode continuously toggles time, speed, distance and calories reading for easy monitoring of all metrics while working out.
  • Full Body Workout: Dual action handle bars move back and forth to target upper body muscles (similar to elliptical cross trainer). Pedaling targets lower body muscles. The handles can also be set to stationary mode.
  • Variable Workout Intensity: Tension controller knob allows adjustment of resistance level thus offering different levels of workout intensity.
  • Ergonomic Seating with Back Support: Ergonomically designed for comfortable seating with high elasticity sponge as you work out which will also prevent you from experiencing stiffness of the back, strains, and muscle aches even when sitting for a long time.
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ColourWith BackRest
Item Dimensions LxWxH106.7 x 45.7 x 104.1 Centimeters
Assembly Size 2 inch x 18 inch x 41 inch
Maximum User Weight100 kg
Maximum Height6 Feet
Minimum Height6 Feet


  • Anti-slip wide base for better stability and control.
  • The foot pedals have straps to avoid slipping of foot.
  • The seat can be adjusted to accommodate users of different body sizes.

4.  Kobo SB-9 Flywheel Exercise Spin Bike

Our Kobo SB-9 ​indoor bike ​leaves you wanting nothing. It has a 10 kg flywheel with adjustable resistance and Emergency Stop Lever. Solid steel frame and chip resistant paint. Sturdy pedals with adjustable footstraps. Handlebars with inbuilt cardio pulse sensors. Advanced LCD display featuring distance, time, speed, odometer, calorie guide and pulse and many more facilities.

Key Features

  • Flywheel system: 10 kg. Max user weight: 130kgs.
  • Console with LCD: Scan, speed, distance, time, calories, pulse. Seat position: Vertical adjustment and horizontal adjustment.
  • Handlebar position: Vertical adjustment. Resistance: Adjustment manual.
  • Moving wheels for transportation and adjustable feet for floor levelling. Set up size: 109 x 48 x 115 cm
  • Drive: Belt drive, fixed gear, two ways rotation. Silent belt drive mechanism system adjustable resistance for the ultimate workout.


Item Dimensions LxWxH109 x 48 x 115 Centimeters
Item Weight26000 Grams
Resistance MechanismFriction


  • Water bottle
  • Two way belt driven
  • Assembly instructions and tools
  • Solid steel frame and chip resistant paint 
  • Sturdy pedals with adjustable footstraps
  • Handlebars with inbuilt cardio pulse sensors

5. PowerTrain XJ-91 Home Gym Exercise Bike

Need a stationary bike that’s quiet but also powerful? This PowerTrain turn bike might just be the best course of action.

It has a significant flywheel with adaptable strain and resistance, allowing you to fabricate the power of your activities for most noteworthy results. All things needed is one turn of a dial and you’ll have the best hindrance for meeting your health targets.

The bend bike has a LCD screen that introduces distance, speed, and calories duplicated per meeting. With These additions it is easy to truly investigate your progress and put out destinations for yourself during each activity. Additionally with its mobile seat and handlebars, this action bike ensures every customer can have a smooth and pleasing ride.

Other prominent components consolidate 3-piece torques for better execution similarly as a wide, non-slip base for added security. The wind bike also has inborn rollers, simplifying it to move around if fundamental. Additionally, each bike goes with an award water bottle that fits totally in the reward holder for quick and straightforward hydration.

Whether or not you’re into speed planning or just cardio when in doubt, the PowerTrain turn bike is positively going to become one of your loved home rec focus machines.

Key Features

  • Heavy flywheel spin bike
  • 3-piece crank design
  • Non-slip grip handle bars
  • Large pedals with toe cage design
  • Adjustable seat height (72-88cm) approx.
  • Enamel coated heavy gauge steel frame
  • Monitors time, speed, distance and calories
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Item Dimensions LxWxH114 x 50 x 110 Centimeters
Max Weight Cap:110kg
Overall Height115 Centimeters
Unit Weight29 kg


  • Comfortable saddle
  • Water bottle holder
  • Control resistance knob


Spin bikes are designed to help you meet your weight-loss goals. They offer a full-body workout while focusing on major muscles such as the thighs, calves, abs, hips, and shoulders. They allow your body to burn more calories even when you are not technically training. Not only does a Spin class benefit your muscles everything from your legs to your core but it’s also a great low-impact cardiovascular workout, which improves your blood flow, increases your stamina, boosts your mood, and prevents against chronic issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does spinning reduce belly fat?

Yes, cycling can help lose belly fat, but it will take time. A recent study showed regular cycling may enhance overall fat loss and promote a healthy weight. To reduce overall belly girth, moderate-intensity aerobic exercises, such as cycling (either indoor or outdoor), are effective to lower belly fat.

2. What is the difference between a spin bike and an exercise bike?

In short, exercise bikes are recommended for endurance sessions and should be used from a seated position. Spin bikes, which closely resemble traditional road bikes, are better suited for customized workouts with acceleration, coasting, etc.

3. Is a spin bike a good workout?

Riding a stationary exercise bike is an efficient and effective way to burn calories and body fat while strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles. Compared to some other types of cardio equipment, a stationary bicycle puts less stress on your joints, but it still provides an excellent aerobic workout.

4. How wide is a spin bike?

A spin bike is a compact piece of cardio equipment. This makes it ideal for people who don’t have too much room to dedicate to working out or storing the equipment when it isn’t in use. The bikes are approx 2ft wide and 4 ft long but as you’d expect the exact size of the bike is determined by the model.

5. Which is better: a spin bike or exercise bike?

In short, exercise bikes are recommended for endurance sessions and should be used from a seated position. Spin bikes, which closely resemble traditional road bikes, are better suited for customized workouts with acceleration, coasting, etc.

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