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Nordictrack GX3 9 Sportbike Review for 2022 Reviews & Guide [User Recommendations]

Nordictrack gx3 9 sportbike review

Note, as this cycle is stopped, we recommend looking at the NordicTrack S15i Studio Cycle. Click here for our full overview. The NordicTrack GX 3.5 Sport is an indoor cycle mentor that rehashes the energy of road cycling and offers an unbelievable exercise to arrange. The most noteworthy features on the GX 3.5 Sport consolidate the profound, 40-pound flywheel, toe-keep pedals, adjustable handlebar handles and saddle, and a chain drive check structure to help with giving a quiet and smooth riding experience. With a chain drive system, you can generally expect a higher future and less likelihood of needing help. The GX 3.5 Sport is furthermore adaptable and goes with worked-in wheels to quickly stow away the bike or move it into another room. Yet the GX 3.5 doesn’t have a redirection and adjusted exercise console, this is an average characteristic of the various indoor cycle and Spin bike models. Notwithstanding the shortfall of preset activities, this indoor cycling model leftover parts a renowned worth buy watching out for. As a rule, the GX 3.5 Sport offers a sensible, outside journeying experience, and with piles of versatile features, it is viably customizable. It moreover has a decently significant flywheel at 40 pounds when you balance it with a business rec focus bike, which commonly has around 48-pound flywheels. Bring all of the benefits of studio cycling home, with the NordicTrack GX 3.9 Indoor Trainer. With a profound 18kg flywheel, customary wool felt impediment system, and quick quit dialing back, it offers a solid stage for the most requested of cycling gatherings

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Key Features

  • Flywheel weight: 18kg (39.7lbs); console: LCD Display; Brakes: Brakes with Toe Cages and Bands; Merchandise weight: 47kg (103.6lbs);
  • Opposition: natural wool felt resistance Arrangement(Manually-Adjustable); Transportation Wheels: Yes, front-mounted; water Glass holder: yes;
  • Drive system: belt; handlebars: Flexible, Multi-position Non-slip handlebar with Dipped Grips; quick stop braking: Yes;
  • Guarantee: 5 Years frame, 2 Years parts and labor (whenever Registered Within 28 Days of Purchase); Max. Client Weight: 115kg (253.5lbs); Dimensions: Length=127cm (50″), Width=54cm (21.3″), Height=114cm (44.8″);
  • Seat: Padded Bed with Upright and Level Adjustment; Console Feedback: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories;
  • Illuminated LCD show helps you with controlling your pace, time, distance, heartbeat, and calories mimicked to check the authority of your study and see your improvement in live time
  • Manual opposition is completely changed by employing a handle to increment or abatement force during your exercise
  • The imaginative slowing device permits you to rapidly and securely begin and stop your exercise on a case by case basis
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  • Brand Nordictrack
  • Colour Black
  • Thing aspects L x W x H 107 x 53 x 118 centimeters
  • Least height 114 Centimeters
  • Thing weight 47 Kilograms
  • Opposition mechanism Friction
  • Material Alloy Steel
  • Power source Battery Powered
  • Drive system Belt
  • Stature: 39″
  • Width: 18.5″
  • Length: 49″
  • Thing weight: Not Available
  • Max client weight: 250 lbs


What We Love About the NordicTrack GX 3.5 Sport Indoor Cycle:

Weighty Flywheel

The NordicTrack GX 3.5 Sport accompanies a weighty and incredible 40-pound flywheel, or anchor, which assists with causing your ride to feel regular and smooth. The heavier flywheel is likewise the sign of a quality indoor bicycle, as it permits learners to prepare at extreme focuses securely and adequately. Furthermore, rather than a belt drive framework, the GX 3.5 Sport has a chain drive framework, for which you can anticipate a higher future and less upkeep overall. The mix of these plan decisions additionally fits a calmer ride, so you don’t need to stress over causing an uproar.


Practical and Adjustable Experience

The NordicTrack GX 3.5 Sport is a flexible bicycle that accompanies numerous customizable highlights: You’ll have the option to change the seat both in an upward direction and evenly, the handlebars to oblige your tallness, the protection from your ideal degree of power, and the toe lashes to remain secure on your feet inside the toe confines. The GX 3.5 Sport is intended to feel very much like a street bicycle on account of its speedy quit slowing down, chain drive obstruction framework, and opposition handle. The main non-customizable component to consider is the seat, which might be awkwardly hard for a few. In case you experience inconvenience, nonetheless, there are many seat pads that can be purchased to work on the general insight of utilizing the seat.


Amusement + Console

If the NordicTrack GX 3.5 Sport needs any region it very well may be in the amusement division. The GX 3.5 has no underlying exercise applications, or amusement consoles, and furthermore doesn’t have iFit Coach similarity, a tablet holder, or touchscreen innovation. For ardent cyclers who just need to see their details, this may not be significant, and it isn’t so much that surprising on indoor cycles and Spin bicycles like this one. In any case, for a little more to keep them drawn in and occupied, an indoor bicycle or upstanding bicycle with a more delicious diversion bundle might be seriously engaging. In case you’re only here to get an extraordinary exercise, you’ll be okay.

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The GX 3.5 Sport has a guarantee that is 90 days for work and parts, yet that ought to be a lot of time to check whether there’s anything amiss with the bicycle. While the edge has a lifetime guarantee, it’s made of steel and will probably never require any support around there.

This guarantee stretches out just to the first buyer (you) and isn’t adaptable. The guarantee doesn’t cover:

  • Typical mileage (instances of ordinary wear parts incorporate strolling belts, drive belts, batteries, brake cushions, and hopping mats).
  •  Any improvised fixes, transformations, or changes to alter this item from its ordinary reason and capacity as portrayed in your client’s manual.
  • Harm coming about because of: a) Wilful or malignant demonstrations. b) Transportation. c) Improper establishment, gathering, or association that isn’t as per ICON determinations or suggestions. d) Abuse, abuse, inability to adhere to directions or inappropriate or unusual utilization. e) Non-consistence with the directions in your client’s manual (like the utilization of cleaning and support items other than those suggested, inability to wind down the item after use, and so on) f) Non-home use (counting however not restricted to use in business, expert, rental, or institutional settings). g) Repairs not given by an ICON-approved specialist organization or utilization of parts not given or approved by ICON. h) Accidents, impacts, power changes, lightning, storms, water, fire, creatures, or some other causes outside the ability to control ICON. I) Improper area including, yet not restricted to, muggy, dusty, or outside conditions (models incorporate carports, basements, yards, and porches).



Including a business-grade welded steel outline with upgraded consumption opposition, the GX 3.9 offers superb dependability. There’s no think twice about execution either – the flexible fleece felt opposition combined with the weighty 18kg flywheel and belt drive framework conveys a strong revolution and testing climbs. The LCD show shows generally your key exercise details including speed, time, distance, and calories copied so you can undoubtedly screen your advancement all through each meeting. Including a cushioned seat that can be changed on a level plane or in an upward direction for wonderful situating and pedals with toe clasps and ties, the GX3.9 offers a smooth and agreeable ride, in any event, during the most extreme exercises. Different elements incorporate a fast quit slowing mechanism, vertical handlebar change, water bottle holder, and customizable evening out feet.

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  • Incredible twist cycle

Just purchased this cycle through NordicTrack straightforwardly, since it’s unavailable on this site. Be that as it may, I can enthusiastically suggest this twist bicycle. It’s a respectable size and assembled exceptionally solid. Handily collected in around 15 minutes. The flywheel was screeching a piece when you utilized opposition right out of the crate, yet a little silicon oil applied to the edge of the flywheel fixed the issue right away. Strongly suggested!

  • Great value

Ideal for a decent-worth at-home twist bicycle, or on the other hand assuming you need something smaller than a customary super coach. Others in my family say the seat is awkward, it’s actually similar to an ordinary street dashing one tbh. It very well may be changed for an alternate one assuming you needed tho. A little tip! The flywheel can be uproarious at higher protections from the get-go, so utilize some standard family oil on it and the commotion will bit by bit go as the brake cushion thing relax.

  • Excellent quality good value for

Excellent quality good value for money very study


  • Great bike

Great bike and easily assembled. Good reliable company and delivery



The NordicTrack GX 3.5 Sport indoor bicycle is straightforward esteem buy for the numerous adaptable and movable choices, its likeness to open-air trekking, and its and weighty flywheel, which all add to a smooth and pleasurable exercise. Therefore, the GX 3.5 Sport can be ideal for families obliging various statures, for students searching for low-sway yet powerful exercises, just as for the people who are shopping on a careful spending plan. The NordicTrack GX 3.5 Sport indoor cycle is a fantastic model worked with a tough, steel outline, and keeping in mind that the amusement and control center elements aren’t the most recent available, the general solace, plan, and usefulness of the bicycle are solid motivations to think about buying. Rating: 88/100. The NordicTrack GX 3.5 Sport possesses all the necessary qualities when you need a straightforward indoor bicycle with street bicycle execution. Its guarantee is short yet the GX 3.5 gets great audits for sturdiness, making it one of the better exercise bicycles under $500.For bicycles with further developed elements and longer guarantees, you can remain inside the NordicTrack GX line and get great worth.


Frequently Asked Questions