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Kettler Favorite 220 Reviews in 2022 [Top Rated Products]

Kettler favorite 220

The Kettler Favorit is a financial plan to mid-range water-powered rower from a maker with a decent standing and long periods of involvement with the wellness world, particularly their indoor bicycles and curved coaches. The Favorit is a strong machine and in our view will be reasonable for the people who will utilize it for brief periods as it were. We say this since, similar to various pressure-driven machines we’ve attempted, the obstruction unexpectedly drops once the oil in the chambers warm up. This is generally badly arranged if in an overwhelming work-out when unexpectedly you observe paddling turns out to be excessively simple. We observed it took around 30 minutes for the protection from return – long after you’ve chilled off! Cylinders do look dated on rowers nowadays when contrasted with attractive or water/liquid rowers – yet they are generally economical and offer great incentive for money. You can peruse more with regard to opposition components for paddling machines here. For a little rower, this machine felt very strong and appears to be all around made. The seat is agreeable – assuming that you’re not on the enormous size, if not you may think that it is somewhat little. The paddling activity is genuinely smooth for a water-driven rower yet not generally so great as the Kettler Kadett in a similar classification. The paddling position is very agreeable however assuming that no doubt about it is” tall you cause to observe the track somewhat short and to feel somewhat confined in the seat because of the plan of the handles. It does likewise look dated when contrasted with different models in a similar value range. With a regular retail cost of just $399, the Favorit rower is the most minimal evaluated paddling machine presently produced by Kettler. Its financial plan water-powered opposition keeps the machine’s size little and the value low. You can change the obstruction by re-situating braces on the cylinders. Despite the fact that there are actually 50 degrees of obstruction on the Kettler Favorit, it’s anything but a machine for extraordinary exercises or progressed students. All things considered, it’s a strong enough machine for easygoing exercises, and elements a little LCD that shows your fundamental exercise information. You can likewise screen your pulse by utilizing infrared with an ear cut (included) or remotely with your own chest tie (excluded). At simply 52″ x 32″ x 10″ and weighing 44 pounds, it’s a magnificently smaller paddling machine that is not difficult to move around. However, as referenced, this lightweight rower can’t uphold extreme focus exercise meetings. This is additionally shown by its light 285-pound weight limit.

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Key Features

  • High goal LCD advanced showcase.
  • Infrared ear cartilage cut sensor estimates beat rate electronically.
  • Polar T34 chest lash pulse screen that communicates remotely to the PC (Optional).
  • Water-powered cylinders for opposition change from 1-50 knurl marks on every paddle.
  • Biomechanically right footplates.
  • Carbon steel casing and powder covered.
  • Thick cushioned seat with fixed metal rollers to dispose of the oil.
  • LCD Console.
  • Most extreme User Weight: 285 lbs.
  • Key Specs. Outline Construction: Steel. Toe Straps- -.
  • Foot Platform Type: Rotating Buckle Straps. Distance Readout- -. Speed Readout- -.
  • Time Readout- – . Most extreme User Weight Capacity: 285 Pounds. Beat Readout- – .
  • Length: 48 Inches. Width: 31 Inches. Tallness: 10 Inches.
  • Weight: 47.
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  • Model Name FAVORIT ROWER
  • Brand Kettler
  • Opposition Mechanism Piston
  • Thing Dimensions LxWxH 48 x 31 x 10 inches
  • Material Alloy Steel
  • Greatest Weight Recommendation 285 Pounds
  • Outline Material Alloy Steel
  • Show Type LCD



  • Calm
  • Conservative
  • Pulse Monitoring


  • Opposition
  • Support Required
  • Non-Folding


What We Love About the Kettler Favorit Rower:

The Favorit Rower is an incredible mid-range rower explicitly intended for a full-body, in-home exercise. The German plan guarantees it is an all-around planned, tough item and accompanies a broad guarantee. It has many highlights that you don’t regularly find in this value range, which permits you to enhance your exercises and keep tabs on your development. This paddling machine is planned in view of the client with some ergonomically-accommodating elements.


German Engineering and Great Warranty

Kettler is turning out to be notable for building solid, sturdy items. The Favorit Rower is no special case. Among surveys, there as of now is certifiably not a solitary grievance against this present item’s casing. The powder-covered carbon steel outline is almost indestructible and gives exemption assurance against typical mileage, and pretty much whatever else. It’s clear that Kettler accepts it as well. How regularly do you see a producer give a lifetime guarantee on the foundation of a piece of gym equipment? It’s uncommon.


Pulse Monitoring

The Kettler Favorit Rower gives a heartbeat rate peruser that clasps to the ear cartilage and sends the data to its PC. This is an exceptional element in itself. This machine might be the least expensive paddling machine that you’ll find anyplace that will quantify your heartbeat! Shockingly better, you can buy the discretionary Polar T34 chest tie pulse screen that will remotely send the information to the PC for significantly more precise readings.


Kettler Favorit RowerComfortable, Quiet and Lightweight

The Favorit Rower gives various solace highlights you won’t find in other paddling machines. The clearest component is the thick cushioned seat. The seat is amazingly agreeable and considers broadened exercises. Also, the seat is somewhat raised for added solace and opposition. Second, the footplates are ergonomically planned and turn for ideal situating all through the paddling movements. The fixed metal balls consider an incredibly smooth and extremely calm development. Numerous commentators remarked that they could undoubtedly ease up to the TV and films on the grounds that the Favorit Rower is almost soundless moving. At last, at 44 lbs, this rower is effortlessly collapsed down and put away with little exertion.


What Isn’t So Great:

Get together

However the maker expresses that get together just requires 35 minutes, many individuals said it required something like an hour and now and again up to 2½ hours. Again expresses that the get-together manual comes in various dialects, the manual from the item’s site is in German. The manual gives pictures of each progression of the gathering, however even with that, getting together can be troublesome. Also, a few surveys remarked about trouble in gathering the water-driven cylinders that brought about expanded obstruction until the issue was acknowledged and amended.


Absence of Height Versatility

While the Favorit Rower is planned with various ergonomic highlights like the seat and footplates, the machine doesn’t appear to be intended for individuals outside the normal stature range. For individuals north of 72″ in tallness, you will be unable to get a full augmentation while paddling. In any event, when conversing with the producer, a conclusive answer couldn’t be given with regards to the proposed stature for the client.

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Water-powered Resistance

Similarly, as with most water-driven obstruction paddling machines, there is consistently the concern that once you get into the exercise, the opposition might quitter and not permit you to get the effort that you are searching for. The Favorit Rower is the same. There were a couple of clients who have said that after around 20 minutes the opposition began to turn out to be less troublesome. The beneficial thing with this rower is that there are 50 distinct opposition settings that are effectively inconsistent


Our Review

Water-powered opposition is the least expensive sort of obstruction utilized on paddling machines. It isn’t great for extraordinary exercises. Glancing through the client surveys, it appears to be the opposition settings don’t generally hold and the handles at times come free during exercises. Clients have noticed that the plan has too many moving parts, and you should persistently fix the screws. Regardless, with a powder-covered steel outline, it’s a somewhat tough machine in the event that you just use it for moderate exercises and wouldn’t fret re-situating cinches on the cylinders to change your obstruction. There are 50 knurl marks on every paddle which go about as the opposition levels. Re-situating the cylinder’s clasps to the knurls on every rower paddle changes the test level. It includes a little LCD that shows your time, distance, energy devoured, strokes, beat rate, and recurrence. The battery-controlled control center additionally includes a recuperation highlight. This gives cardio wellbeing evaluation from 1 to 6 which you can use to keep tabs on your development. At this value, we like that it incorporates an infrared ear cartilage cut sensor to measure your pulse electronically, despite the fact that we would by and by settle on utilizing the rower with your own remote chest lash. With respect to comfort, the Favorit rower includes a cushioned seat and turning footplates that support the normal paddling movement. The Kettler Favorit paddling machine is one of the most conservative paddling machines on our site. It gauges simply 52″ x 32″ x 10″. In spite of the fact that it just weighs 44 pounds, it likewise just has a 285-pound client weight limit.



The Kettler Favorit Rower offers some great highlights for just $399. Here are some selling focuses.


Calm Operation: The water-driven obstruction framework is exceptionally tranquil. You can without much of a stretch hear the TV at the typical volume while utilizing this rower, and you will not upset others in your home or office.

Smaller Size: This rower is one of the littlest available. It’s only 52-inches long. A medium-sized paddling machine is around 80-inches long.

Cardio Wellness Feature: The Favorit can assist you with observing your cardio wellbeing over the long run with a straightforward 1-6 scoring framework. This is finished with a 60-second recuperation program after work out. The Favorit can utilize infrared or remote observing to gauge the adjustment of your pulse.

Pulse Monitoring: Riders get two underlying choices for beat checking. The first is an ear cut that utilizes infrared to speak with the PC screen (included). The second is a remote beneficiary that works with a chest tie (sold independently).

Agreeable Design: The seat is thickly cushioned and floats flawlessly with fixed metal balls. Additionally for solace, the footplates on all Kettler paddling machines are uncommonly intended to help sound movement.

Helpful Resistance Controls: Resistance is changed on the handles for the paddles. There are 50 knurl imprints to look over.

Steel Frame: The casing is made of powder-covered steel.

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Battery Powered: The control center uses two AA batteries, so the Kettler Favorit Rower needn’t bother with a power string.



What are some potential disadvantages of picking this rower? The principle issues identify with lower quality parts.


Water-powered Resistance: The Favorit Rower utilizes pressure-driven opposition, which is the least expensive sort in the paddling machine industry. With the Kettler Favorit, a few clients have grumbled that their opposition settings don’t hold; the handles come free during exercises. Additionally, the water-powered framework is delicate to temperature. It is too hard to even consider utilizing in cool settings (like a carport in harvest time) and is inclined to overheating with vivacious use.

Information Monitor: The Favorit Rower’s screen isn’t known for exactness, not at all like the Siemen’s screens on some other Kettler items. The information is with German names; energy utilization is displayed in kilojoules rather than calories.

Upkeep Required: A typical grievance about the Kettler Favorit Rower is that the bolts should be fixed after a couple of employments. Likewise, the machine may be noisy if not treated with oil.

Doesn’t Fold: This rower is particularly minimized yet can’t be collapsed or immediately dismantled for capacity.

Weight Limit: Kettler paddling machines have generally lightweight limits. The Favorit’s weight limit is 285 pounds.


The Console/Monitor

The screen is as old as on the Kettler Kadett and is not difficult to peruse. It shows practice information, for example, distance paddled, the season of meeting, gathered strokes, calories, pulse, and speed. Utilizing the huge red button, you can set either time, stroke rate or distance as your exercise target and the control center will blare when you’ve arrived at it. You can plug an ear-cut (provided with our model yet really look right away) into the control center to show your pulse. Not every person likes utilizing a clasp on their ear cartilage, so you might need to consider utilizing a chest tie or wrist screen to check your pulse. ​


Apparently, this is probably the least expensive rower that measures your heartbeat. This is a major addition to our book as it provides you with the choice of pulse preparing – a phenomenal method for working on cardiovascular wellness and getting in shape. In any case, as we referenced prior, the obstruction level might drop similarly as you’re getting into your ideal preparing zone.



This is a decent purchase for those new to paddling machines or you’re unsuitable and need to make a delicate beginning with another activity system. For fifteen minutes of practice a day, this is a decent purchase and should keep going for a really long time with potentially the odd chamber waiting to be supplanted. ​However, in the event that you’re an accomplished client of paddling machines or are now fit, we accept you’ll have to spend favoring a superior model – see beneath for our proposals. This site is a partner of Amazon and various different retailers. We procure a commission from deals produced through these connections, ​but this doesn’t impact how we rate the paddling machines we review.​The Kettler Favorit is one of the most minimal evaluated rowers on our survey site. It consolidates a better casing with lower quality opposition and gadgets. The water-powered framework and PC screen aren’t worked for the long stretch, however, this is certainly not an awful choice for just $399. The Favorit is best for individuals who intend to utilize it just a single time or double seven days, and it isn’t intended for serious preparation.