Best Power Rack Under 500 Reviews for 2022 [Top Quality Products]

Best power rack under 500

The power rack (otherwise called the power confine) is one of the most significant and adaptable bits of gear that you might actually purchase for your home exercise center. 

Our Top 3 Picks

- 13%
#Top 1
CyberPower CPS1215RMS Basic PDU, 120V/15A, 12 Outlets, 15ft Power Cord, 1U Rackmount
CyberPower CPS1215RMS Basic PDU, 120V/15A, 12 Outlets, 15ft Power Cord, 1U...
$66.64 $77.33 
- 16%
#Top 2
Fitness Reality Squat Rack Power Cage with | Optional Lat Pulldown & Leg Holdown Attachment | Squat and Bench Rack Combos| Super Max 810 XLT |
Fitness Reality Squat Rack Power Cage with | Optional Lat Pulldown & Leg...
$248.95 $299.00 
- 26%
#Top 3
Yes4All J-Hooks Barbell Holder for Power Rack - J Hook Weight Rack / Fitness Racks J Hook - Fit 2x2 inch Square Tube (Pair)
Yes4All J-Hooks Barbell Holder for Power Rack - J Hook Weight Rack / Fitness...
$26.98 $36.49 

With just a power rack and a bar with loads, you can change your build, execution, and accomplish enormous steps towards your wellness objectives. With sufficient opportunity and savvy preparation, you can utilize this piece of hardware to change for as long as you can remember. A considerable lot of the most grounded people alive have procured their benefits in the straightforward, crude strength-building practices a power confine permits.


Top 9 Power Racks Under $500

1.  HulkFit 1000lb Multi-Function Power Cage

The HulkFit 1,000lbs multi-work power confines is a tremendous enhancement for their 800lbs squat rack that we canvassed in our squat rack survey and guide. This item accompanies a lot more grounded base and further developed a security that makes it an alternate monster from the past power confine we discussed. The strength and impression of this item are extraordinary, while the 1,000lbs weight rating gives a lot of additional room regardless of how weighty you’re lifting. It additionally guarantees that the distinctions that come from dynamic development are represented and guards you, in any event, when falling flat huge loads! This all comes at an extraordinary cost. Once more, we’re not going to examine the lat pulldown connection as it is a superior autonomous item and doesn’t give much in the method of center capacities for the power confine itself. The enclosure is great, the superfluous connections don’t add a lot. 


Key Features

  • Built with 11 measure steel, this power confine has a 1000lb weight limit. The 2. 5in X 2. 5in casing offers more prominent security all through 
  • Power Cage additionally incorporates two steel wellbeing bars with J-Hooks or safety belts, two plunge bars, and additional J-Hooks. NOTE: We are changing from wellbeing bars to safety belts. Contingent upon when you request, you might get either and we can’t promise either. 
  • Unsupported unit with a huge stroll in space and elastic feet to guarantee security and ensure the flooring 
  • The front rack incorporates a multi-grip pull-up bar for extra activities and stretches. Crossbars can likewise be utilized for band and obstruction preparing. 
  • Gathered aspects: 81″ x 44″ x 47″. Item weight: 140 Pounds (power confine as it were) 
  • If it’s not too much trouble, note that we are highly involved with progressing from security bars to safety belts. In light of client input, we exchanged over to safety belts as they give greater adaptability and don’t harm your hand weight whenever dropped on them. We can’t ensure what you get in your shipment



  • Incredible plan 
  • Hardcore and high-soundness if you have an all-around looked item 
  • Incredible sticker price 


  • Problematic quality affirmation with missing pieces 
  • Items might have inadequately adjusted security pins, requiring outsider exhausting or being unsatisfactory for use


2. Fitness Reality 810XLT Power Cage

This item accompanies an assortment of choices – albeit the link pulley connection is a genuine illustration of an extra that truly doesn’t add a lot. We’ve worked with this sort of connection broadly and they’re nearly generally awful. The standard model of the 810XLT is evaluated to 800-lbs which is a sensible measure of weight rating, however not similar to others on this rundown. 800lbs of static weight is great yet consider that you will bomb weight with speed, rather than static – so a superior weight-resilience would be a decent reward. This is a very decent item for individuals who are new to weight preparation and don’t need a hard-core item. There are some cool capacities –, for example, the different draw upholds and balance out bars that are intended to fit the rear of the item. Nonetheless, this item is most certainly outmatched by others on this rundown and just stands its ground for amateurs, or those on a careful spending plan. There are a lot of enclosure connections however a significant number of them are moderately ineffectual, make the enclosure harder to utilize, and should be bought independently.


Key Features

  • 【STRONG ASTM tested 800 LBS. WEIGHT CAPACITY】-Don’t place your well-being in the possession of a squat Rack that hasn’t been tried and our squat rack was ASTM tried at 2,000 pounds to get an authority weight limit of 800 pounds. 
  • 【SOLID STEEL LONG SAFETY ARMS】-Other organizations give empty cylinders, not us. Experience harmony of psyche realizing that our wellbeing arms are strong steel poles, intended to deal with the significant burden. 
  • 【MULTI-GRIP and REVERSIBLE PULLUP BARS】-Wide grasp, slender hold, hammer hold pullups are largely accessible with this power confine. Can be switched to bring down the tallness of the enclosure. This is significant if you have a lower roof. 
  • 【STANDARD SIZED 1″ HOLES】-Makes your Squat rack viable with standard estimated connections, for example, J snares, dip Bars, Weight stockpiling bars, and so on 
  • 【TWIN SUPPORT BRACES】-Makes This power confine solid. Lower support additionally goes about As a feet support when utilizing the Low Row Cable connection 
  • 【MAX WORKOUT SPACE】-Our ELEVATED and bent help support imply more exercise space and nothing to stumble over. Get an additional foot of room for your seat. 
  • 【TOTAL HOME GYM EQUIPMENT】-Combine With our Weight seats or full set-up of connections to work out an absolute home exercise center arrangement 
  • 【CUSTOMIZE WITH ATTACHMENTS】-Get J snares, plunge bars, landmine, weight plate stockpiling connections, and others.
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  • Great cost 
  • Basic and simple to utilize 



  • Low weight resilience contrasted with different items on this rundown 
  • Lat pulldown connection is moderately inferior quality, off-kilter to explore, and has an unnatural length-strain relationship 
  • Outmatched by different items on this rundown


3.  Rep PR 1,000lb Lifting Cage

This item imitates the best and most noticeably terrible parts of the HulkFit rack. The advantages are in the essentially successful plan of the rack with compelling plan choices and attention on the nuts and bolts. Be that as it may, the issues on quality confirmation and the nature of execution are frequently poor. This doesn’t show as a helpless arrangement, yet rather rehashed instances of broad interior rusting. This could be because of helpless treatment or helpless capacity/delivering rehearses. This is a significant worry to the primary trustworthiness of this item, which essentially changes the first weight rating and could truly debase the general item. This isn’t what you anticipate from a huge buy like this, particularly since the cost of this item is higher than others we’ve examined so far on this rundown.

Key Features

  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Each weight confine accompanies an incorporated pullup bar, (2) j-cups, and (2) full-length wellbeing bars. Bar, plates, and seats are excluded. 
  • Intended FOR HOME GYMS: At complete tallness of just 80.5 inches, the PR-1100 gives you the greatest usefulness in a bundle that fits in most home rec center spaces. Presently you can crouch, and perform many other strength practices in your home securely and adequately. Aspects: 80.5″ tall x 48″ wide x 47.5″ profound. Inside confine aspects: 44″ wide x 45.5″ profound. 
  • Progressed FEATURES: We designed our most recent weight enclosure to have the elements you want at the value you need. Where different producers penance quality and utility, we continued to add highlights to improve our enclosure! Broadened security bars, coordinated multi-hold pull-up unit, laser-cut numbered uprights, and extreme, sturdy dark powder coat makes this the best and best worth enclosure available. 
  • Protected AND STABLE: Lift with certainty realizing that your enclosure is evaluated to 1000lbs, and is worked from solid, 14 check steel with twofold back strength bars. The pullup curve and discretionary plunge bars are evaluated for 400lbs, and the lat pull-down connection can oblige an entire 250 lbs so you can undoubtedly add sufficient load for your exercises. 
  • Purchase WITH CONFIDENCE: Rep Fitness is a full-administration hardware organization situated in Denver, Colorado. Look at our different postings to see the total line of solidarity and molding hardware including seats, free weights, hand weights, racks, cardio gear and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!



  • Great plan 
  • Solid spotlight on the essentials 
  • Incredible weight-rating 


  • Quality affirmation disregards some main points of contention 
  • Inner rust can without much of a stretch trade off the inside strength and nature of the rack 
  • Cost is higher than some others despite the huge issues


4. TDS Power Rack

We love the essential, central methodology that the TDS power confine takes, offering a viable item with none of the shocking QA or assembling issues we’ve seen up until now. This item gives the authoritative straightforward, viable, severely solid power confine that we’ve been searching for up until now. It is appraised for 1,050lbs without any issues, with additional security highlights including locking handles on J-snares and strong wellbeing bars to help immense loads. The expansion of a well-knurled jawline-up bar is an extraordinary option in contrast to the smooth bars regularly found on different items. It gives a grippy, very much planned surface for pull-ups that is effortlessly incorporated into the general plan. The just issues we’ve truly experienced with this item are uncommon QA issues –, for example, openings that are not well-fitted to the self-locking pins or helpless delivery choices (which could be because of maker obligation).

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Key Features

  • 2″ Sq. steel tube construction HD. J Hooks and 1″ solid steel safety bars included. 
  • 48.5″ x 48″ x 82.5″ H – 140 lbs Olympic set and loads are displayed for data just not Included. 
  • Expertly Knurled 1/8″ Dia front chinning bar. Intended to add numerous connections to change over as a home exercise center. 
  • 31 openings 2″ separated including Numbers for a change. 2″ distance among openings and numbers are fundamental for proficient lifting 
  • TDS has been doing business for quite some time and Thousands have been sold everywhere.



  • Heaviest weight rating so far at 1,050lbs 
  • Extraordinary cost for the quality 
  • Excellent form with extra wellbeing highlights 
  • Coordinated, knurled jaw up bar 


  • Quality confirmation is (seldom) an issue and delivery transporters might be ineffectively picked


5. Valor Fitness BD-33

This is a re-visitation of the standard however unremarkable 800lbs weight limit, considerably more so because the 800lbs rating is just for the wellbeing bars. The “bar gets” are just evaluated for 500-650lbs, which is idiotically low. This is a critical minimization from different items on this rundown and truly falls beneath the standard set by the TDS power confine recently talked about. This is an extremely conventional-looking item from Valor that does the occupation for those with more vulnerable legs, yet certainly doesn’t give a critical motivation to buy when contrasted with different items on this list. The power rack with link hybrid is perhaps the biggest contraption we’ve at any point seen, and the links keep on being the inferior quality connection we’d prefer to keep away from. They’re likewise mysteriously positioned behind the rack which makes them almost difficult to use for something besides double stack twisting and requires the rack to be put in the focal point of your home exercise center. Absurd! 

Key Features

  • Rock-solid Constructed of 2″ x 2″ 12-measure steel. Elastic Base Covers Encase each Foot to add Security, solidness, and floor insurance. 
  • Adaptable Includes a multi-grasp pull-up station at the lagfest point of the rack, considering a wide scope of activities and employments. Band/tie stake openings situated along the top and base. Band/tie stakes (MB-L) and spring cuts (SC-1) sold independently. 
  • Movable 27 variable situations for bar support, going in the range from 15″ to 67″. Energetic numbering framework to effortlessly distinguish variable positions. 
  • Capacity PEGS-Allows for a Coordinated Home Rec Center with 4 plate stockpiling stakes estimating 8″ each for Abundant Capacity for Both Olympic and Standard plates. 
  • Extra 500 lb and  Max Load if Utilizing the Bar Catchers Outside confine, 650 lb. max load if utilizing bar catchers inside the enclosure, 750 lb. max load for wellbeing bars and  Guarantee, 3-year casing, and 1-year equipment and Shows up in 2 separate boxes.



  • Nothing to specify 



  • Prone to harm your hand weight’s knurling, making it harder to use in future 
  • Unsound and shoe bar gets, the second rate compared to J-snares 
  • Generally helpless weight-rating 
  • Sub-par item, effortlessly outmatched by others on this rundown


6. Titan Short Power Cage

This is a stripped-down power confine and in that exists the best and most noticeably awful things about this item. From one viewpoint, there’s very little that can turn out badly and the actual item is both hard-wearing and stable contrasted with some items on this rundown. Then again, it doesn’t stir things up and is most all-around respected for being a straightforward and utilitarian piece of exercise center gear. The rating for this item is only horrendous at 700lbs of static weight, which is higher than the bar-gets of different items. This could be because of the inferior quality J-snares, as the actual casing is delivered from steel and 11-measure, creating great thickness. This is certainly one of the lighter items in the Titan T-2 territory and we’re persuaded that this lightweight configuration is a more practical option in contrast to the Valor or Powerline choices, regardless of an ostensibly more regrettable weight rating. We’re not saying the rating isn’t right, yet we trust this rack more.


Key Features

  • Incredible FOR IMPROVING FORM: The reason for working out is to reinforce your muscles, not hurt them! That is the reason it’s imperative to rehearse great structure while you’re lifting loads. The Titan T2 Power Rack is planned given your security and solace. It incorporates plunge bars and different highlights intended to securely upgrade your exercise. 
  • Fabricate STRONG MUSCLES: This short Titan Power Rack is a must-have! This piece of gear can fit in little storm cellars that won’t oblige standard power racks. You can play out an assortment of activities with this rack, including chinups, plunges, twists, deadlifts, and squats. Assuming you need to do seat squeezes, place a seat under and you’re all set. 
  • Fast AND EASY ASSEMBLY: Don’t sit around with abundance equipment and convoluted development. Setting up your power rack with all your exercise stuff and embellishments is basic. This set accompanies all fundamental equipment, including J-hooks. 
  • Strong CONSTRUCTION: Our power rack is fabulous speculation for both genuine competitors and amateurs the same! It was produced using heavy-duty steel for strength. Its steel structure guarantees that it will hold up for quite a long time without harm. The amazing steel outline is likewise sufficiently able to hold a limit of up to 700pounds.
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  • Little plan for a decreased impression and reduced plan 
  • All around checked steel development 
  • Not very many moving parts, offering a steady and dependable form 



  • Low weight-rating 
  • Just appropriate for fledglings and those with space impediments 
  • Questionable quality J-snares


With a power enclosure, free weight, and a few plates you can drastically change your constitution and execution. This is a focal point for any balanced home rec center and ought to be the main concern. Assuming that you’re hoping to begin with a home rec center, you can get a top-notch power to confine under $500. That has been our concentrate today and it has driven us to suggest the TDS Power Cage – effectively the best item on this rundown. This item gives a huge assortment of advantages. It has the best weight resistance, close by a top-notch work with strong backings and strong equipment that accompanies extra wellbeing highlights, for example, hand-locks to forestall slipping and harm. This addresses the absolute best of the financial plan, at-home power enclosures and we couldn’t look for a superior item. No ifs, and or buts, the TDS Power confine is the best power rack available and the reasonable decision for your money!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a garage gym worth it?

This might come as a shock at first, but investing in a garage gym saves money in the long run. Yes, there is certainly a pretty hefty upfront cost to building a garage gym, but you will never have to pay for a gym membership again. The typical box membership costs anywhere from $175 – $250 per month.


2. What power rack depth do I need?

You will need at least twenty-four inches of depth in front of the power rack, so you have enough room to set up barbells or pull-up bars. The same area is needed behind the rack for spotters and added room to add plates to your barbell.

3. Does a power rack need to be bolted down?

The short answer is – most power racks SHOULD be permanently secured to the ground. The reason is so that the unit does not move while it’s being used. Although power racks are very heavy and usually quite tall – the movement of the heavyweights will tend to shift the rack inch by inch away from its original spot.

4. What height power rack should I get?


Because if you want to use the pull-up bar up top for a full range of motion pulls, you’ll need some clearance between the top of the rack and the ceiling to avoid smacking your head at the top of each rep! Most power racks clock in at a little over 80″, or somewhere around 7 feet, tall.

5. Can you deadlift in a power rack?

A power rack is a great tool because it allows you to lift heavy weights safely. Unlike traditional machines in the gym, the power rack is extremely versatile. You can use it for back squats, front squats, shoulder press, deadlifts, bench press, and heavy rows.

6. Do you need a platform for a power rack?


If you aren’t dropping your bar or lifting with metal plates, this is all you need. There’s no need for a 4′ x 8′ platform for most lifters. Again, if you are pulling a ton of weight, or are regularly dropping the bar, a platform is the way to go.