Best 6 Person Infrared Sauna Reviews of 2022 [Top Quality Picks]

Six person saunas have so many cool designs and features that made doing the research on them really enjoyable. I wanted to find some of the best six person saunas that they make nowadays and ended up finding out a whole bunch of really cool information along the way. For starters, most of the models ranged in price from about $3000-$6000, on average.

Our Top 3 Picks

#Top 1
Golden Designs "Monaco" 6-person Near Zero EMF Far Infrared Sauna Canadian Hemlock
Golden Designs "Monaco" 6-person Near Zero EMF Far Infrared Sauna Canadian...
#Top 2
Dynamic "Andora" 2-person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna
Dynamic "Andora" 2-person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna
- 15%
#Top 3
HEATWAVE Radiant Saunas 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna with 6 Carbon Heaters, Chromotherapy Lighting, Oxygen Ionizer
HEATWAVE Radiant Saunas 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna with 6 Carbon...
$2,355.23 $2,799.99 

​There were many different styles to choose from regarding the architecture of the ​sauna itself, how many ​heaters they have inside, ​Interior bench layouts, and so much more. The process, like I said earlier, was very fun and I came up with some of the top models available based on a few key elements which include: user feedback, ratings, price, overall functionality and a couple of other things. Hopefully this article will help those of you out there that may be looking for a six person sauna, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Top 4 Best 6 Person Infrared Sauna

1. Golden Designs “Monaco” 6-person Near Zero EMF Far Infrared Sauna

Dynamic Ultra Low (Near Zero) EMF Sauna brings healthy living and longevity to the privacy of your home. Our Ultra Low(Near Zero) EMF infrared carbon will assist in removing body toxins, increase blood circulation, ease pain from sore muscles or aching joints, burn calories and improve skin tone among other benefits. Dynamic Saunas are constructed with the environment in mind which accounts for our efforts in using Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood. Our sauna walls are double paneled constructed with the thickest interior and exterior wood planks. This all translates to a quality sauna that retains heat more efficiently, heats up faster and wastes less energy. 

Dynamic Sauna’s 6 Person model offers 15 Ultra Low (Near Zero) EMF infrared Carbon Energy Efficient heating panels (including an industry leading foot heater) that produce a wider, softer heat that is evenly distributed throughout the sauna. Unlike traditional rock and water saunas (which heat at or over 200F and do not penetrate your skin), Dynamic Saunas operate at a much lower and safer 130F. In fact, Dynamic Saunas operate most effectively at 120F thus allowing you to enjoy the sauna longer and maximize all potential health benefits. Dynamic Saunas 6 person sauna is designed for ease of use and is an outstanding value. Assembly is a snap and takes less than 1 hour. 

Enjoy the convenience of operating a Dynamic Saunas with our dual control panel and LED display. Play your favorite music through the saunas built in FM CD DVD Radio with SD, USB and MP3 aux connection with speakers. Watch your favorite movies with a built in 15″drop down monitor. The sauna plugs into 2 dedicated 20 amp 110 volt outlets (please consult a certified electrician to install 2 dedicated 20 amp dedicated receptacles). Dynamic Saunas may be installed on carpet and at any indoor location including the basement, garage, master bath or walk in closet.

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Key Features

  • Interior and exterior LED control panel
  • Built-in FM-CD radio with Bluetooth
  • MP3 auxiliary and speakers 
  • Interior chromotherapy color lighting system
  • 15 Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon Heating Panels
  • Clear Tempered glass door and with side windows
  • Natural Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood construction
  • 6mm Interior and Exterior wood planks with a 1.13 inch inner frame
  • This item will be delivered curbside. To have the item delivered to a location of choice on your property, kindly make additional arrangements with a third party provider ahead of delivery


  • 1.13 inch inner frame
  • Color: Natural
  • Full 6 person capacity
  • Electrical service: (Requires 2) 110V/20AMP dedicated receptacle 
  • 6mm interior and exterior wood planks


  • Cost effective
  • Remove body toxins
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Burn calories and improve skin tone
  • Ease pain from sore muscles or aching joints 

2. Almost Heaven Saunas Weston Canopy Barrel Sauna

The Weston Canopy Barrel Sauna is one more sauna from Almost Heaven Saunas, a great move up to their exemplary Barrel Sauna.

It is altogether different from the one I referenced above, and exceptionally interesting as well. Aside from its cool shade barrel shape, the engineered climate safe plastic helps set it as interesting.

​It makes a very decent dampness obstruction between the wood and the floor. Better discussions are likewise ensured with the inverse confronting seats.

Simple get together is ensured with the pre-collected closures, seats and pre-cut fights directly from the Almost Heaven Saunas processing plant. It is perfectly produced using great sweet-smelling Rustic Western Cedar wood. Nearly all the other things are produced using hardened steel. The equipment, groups, pivots, highlights, and furthermore the 8.0kw Finnish-style warmer is produced using hardened steel. The radiator accompanies an 8-hour defer clock, and 195°F can be accomplished in under 60 minutes.

Key Features

  • Ball-and-socket lumber: 1-3/8” thick
  • Rustic Western Red Cedar construction
  • Pre-assembled round wall sections
  • Tempered glass door
  • Stainless steel bands, hinges, heater and fasteners
  • Interior LED light; 110v plug-in
  • Western cedar heater guard
  • Weather-resistant plastic support cradles
  • 2 opposite facing benches for sitting or reclining
  • 2 exterior facing benches for sitting
  • Indoor or outdoor usage
  • Includes bucket, ladle, and thermometer/hygrometer
  • Hand-crafted lumber profiles and wall sections


  • Item:AHCPY68RU (Rustic Cedar)
  • Capacity: 6 Persons
  • Heater Size: 8.0kw, 220v, 40 Amp electrical requirement, hard-wire connect
  • Assembled Size: 72″W x 96″L x 77″H
  • Interior Room Size: 71″W x 75″L x 71″H
  • Interior Bench Dimensions: 18″W x 75″L x 17″H
  • Canopy Porch Size: 71″W x 12″L x 71″H
  • Exterior Bench Dimensions: 18″W x 12″L x 25″H


  • Rustic Western Cedar construction
  • Stainless steel heater, bands, hinges, hardware and accents
  • 8.0kw stainless steel Finnish-style heater with 8-hour delay timer
  • Synthetic support cradles create a moisture barrier between lumber and ground
  • Factory pre-assembled ends, benches and pre-cut staves for easy assembly

3. Radiant Indoor FAR Infrared Sauna

Canadian Red Cedar is renowned for its beautiful color variation, refreshing aroma and its resistance to rot and mildew. Red cedar has always been the wood of choice for top of the line saunas. In addition to its aromatic qualities, it is durable, non-toxic and an excellent heat insulator. Cedar also has microbial properties that are antifungal as well as oils that aid in detoxification. The 6 Person Cedar Infrared Sauna is perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating. With it’s two stagecoach style benches, there’s enough room for the whole family to enjoy sauna time together! These exclusive InfraWave FAR heat technology heaters emit ultra low levels of EMF. Constructed from top grade Red Cedar tongue and groove joinery to create a superior strength edge to edge surface, these saunas are built to last. Radiant Saunas are backed by CE, CETL, RoHS and ISO 9001 certifications, internationally-recognized seals of quality, safety, and professional manufacturing.

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Key Features

  • 10 carbon heaters that generate up to 141°F
  • Made with Canadian red cedar
  • Electronic oxygen ionizer and roof vents for clean and fresh air
  • This gorgeous sauna room fits up to six people, providing a soothing retreat for friends and family
  • Beautiful red tone, and inviting aroma.
  • A premium softwood cedar is an excellent thermal insulator, thanks to a lower density and high proportion of air spaces. Its low shrinkage factor resists warping and twisting.
  • An integrated sound system includes a CD player, radio, and aux input. You’ll also enjoy comfortable back rests, towel hooks, and a magazine rack.
  • Your sauna comes with a seven-year manufacturer warranty. Your item will arrive damage free with all necessary parts and accessories. If something goes wrong, we’ll work tirelessly until you’re satisfied with your sauna.


  • Dimensions: 75L x 59W x 76H in.
  • Interior dimensions: 71.5L x 54.7W x 69.7H in.
  • Product Weight: 484 lb.


  • Dual controls
  • Tinted glass
  • Recessed lighting 
  • Ergonomic backrests
  • Magazine rack, Air vents & ionizer

4. Blue Wave Heatwave 6-Person Cedar Sauna with Carbon Heaters

Start reaping the benefits of an at-home sauna today look better, feel better, live better!Canadian Red Cedar is renowned for its beautiful color variation, refreshing aroma and its resistance to rot and mildew. Cedar has been used in saunas for hundreds of years because of its unique properties. In addition to its aromatic qualities, it is durable, non-toxic and an excellent heat insulator. Cedar also has microbial properties that are antifungal as well as oils that aid in detoxification. Red cedar has always been the wood of choice for top of the line saunas. Premium HeatWave Saunas are all manufactured from the finest stands of Canadian Red Cedar. This makes our saunas aromatic, well insulated, resistant to moisture and beautiful.HeatWave Saunas are the safe, effective and affordable way to relieve stress and improve health, right in the comfort of your own home. Our saunas utilize the latest in infrared heat technology, are super easy to assemble and fit in virtually any room in your home. With their solid Canadian Red Cedar and tongue and groove construction, these saunas are built to last, providing you with years of health benefits and stress relief. Premium HeatWave Cedar Saunas come with Carbon heaters and feature interior reading lights and built in sound systems to further enhance your sauna experience. All premium cedar models come equipped with back rests, towel hooks, magazine holder, color therapy light, and oxygen ionizers.

Key Features

  • HeatWave Saunas come equipped with “EZ Touch” dual Interior and Exterior LED Control panels – easily adjust your sauna settings from inside or outside
  • This HeatWave Sauna is made of premium grade solid Cedar wood and constructed with tongue & groove joinery for superior edge to edge strength and durability
  • Every HeatWave Sauna is equipped with recessed interior lighting. Enjoy some reading while basking in the warmth of your HeatWave Sauna
  • This HeatWave Sauna uses standard 120v/15amp power, and the UL approved plug will fit right into your standard home electric outlet
  • HeatWave Saunas are proudly backed by CE, CETL, RoHS and ISO 9001 certifications, internationally-recognized seals of quality, safety, and professional manufacturing
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  • Dimensions: 75″x 59″x 76″.10 
  • Carbon Heaters: 2700 
  • Power: 220 v/ 15 amp 
  • .Wood Type: Cedar.
  • Capacity: 6 Persons
  • Heater Type: Carbon Heater
  • Watts heats: 141 degrees in 30 minutes


  • Tinted glass
  • Adjustable vents 
  • Oxygen ionizer
  • Towel hooks
  • Magazine racks
  • Chromotherapy bulb 
  • Sound System With C/D Player with MP3 plug 
  • Interior and Exterior LED Control Panels 
  • Interior and exterior recessed lighting 


Home saunas are a great way to experience soothing heat in the comfort of your own home. Many people find a good sweat session in a sauna to be an effective way to refresh after a vigorous workout or to experience a sense of therapeutic comfort. 

In this article, we are trying to provide detailed information on the best 6 person infrared sauna. Hope you will enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is better: a far infrared or full spectrum sauna?

Near infrared units tend to promote topical healing and mild pain relief quite effectively, but far infrared heating units are incredibly effective at removing toxins, improving circulation, and relaxing the muscles. These are called Full Spectrum saunas and offer near, mid and far infrared.

2. Is it OK to sit in an infrared sauna every day?

There is no one answer for the amount of sessions per week, but infrared saunas are safe to use every day. In fact, you will see wellness improvements sooner if you use it daily. On average, most people partake in 30-45 minute sessions, 3-4 times a week.

3. Does infrared light give you vitamin D?

In addition, many people are vitamin D deficient and don’t even know it! Vitamin D is not only a building block in your immune system, but it is essential for bone, teeth, and skin health as well as reducing your risk of cancer! The infrared sauna boosts your Vitamin D levels naturally!

4. Should you shower after an infrared sauna?

Take A Warm Shower After. After every infrared sauna session, consider taking a warm shower. While it is generally recommended that taking a cold shower is better since it will close up pores and prevent dirt from infiltrating them, taking a hot shower also has its own benefits as well.

5. Is it better to sauna in the morning or night?

The best time to use a traditional sauna is in the morning because high temperature, non-infrared heat promotes wakefulness. However, the best time to use an infrared sauna is at night because the infrared rays encourage melatonin production, promoting sleep.