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Best 1 Person Infrared Sauna Reviews for 2022 [Top Rated]

Single person saunas have detonated in prevalence lately. Not exclusively are these probably the most smaller saunas cash can purchase, they’re very productive.

Our Top 3 Picks

#Top 1
Xmatch Far Infrared Wooden Sauna Room, 1-Person Size, with 1350W, 8 Low EMF Heaters, 10 Minutes Pre-Warm up, Time and Temp Pre-Set, 2 Bluetooth Speakers, 1 LED Reading Lamp and Clothing Hanging Rod
Xmatch Far Infrared Wooden Sauna Room, 1-Person Size, with 1350W, 8 Low EMF...
#Top 2
SereneLife Portable Full Size Infrared Home Spa| One Person Sauna | with Heating Foot Pad and Portable Chair
SereneLife Portable Full Size Infrared Home Spa| One Person Sauna | with...
#Top 3
SereneLife AZSLISAU10BK Infrared Home Spa One Person Sauna with Heating Foot Pad and Portable Chair, Black
SereneLife AZSLISAU10BK Infrared Home Spa One Person Sauna with Heating Foot...

What’s the best 1 individual infrared sauna available? One individual saunas are minimized, spending designs well disposed, and they do precisely the same thing that a bigger unit, similar to a two man sauna. All things considered, most 1 person saunas are really two man saunas, publicized as a solitary individual sauna.

Infrared saunas are probably the best instrument you can use to work on your skin, become better, assuage sore muscles, unwind and get thinner.

Top 10 Best 1 Person Infrared Sauna

1. SunRay Barrett 1-Person Infrared Sauna

The SunRay Barrett is a reasonably estimated sauna that serenely fits up to two grown-ups. The fragrance of Canadian hemlock wood is delivered as the warming units expand in temperature, offering a glorious aromatherapeutic experience.

The Barrett is not difficult to utilize, very much protected and safe. It is buildup safe and simple to keep up with. It is easy to collect and fits essentially into any space. The Barrett is a fundamental infrared sauna that is a delight to utilize, offering the advantages of a conventional sauna while putting less strain on the cardiovascular framework.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 36″ x 42″ x 75″ , More spacious than any other 1-2 person infrared sauna on the market.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • ETL/CSA Certified: Meets all US and Canadian electrical safety standards – 120V, 15 amp plug
  • 5 Carbon-nano Infrared Heaters: Advanced carbon-nano heaters provide smooth evenly dispersed heat with virtually no EMF
  • Solid Canadian Hemlock Wood: Smooth and naturally appealing yet durable with a pleasant aroma. Easy to install tongue and groove construction.


  • Aromatic hemlock wood
  • Comfortably seats two adults
  • Heats in under 10 minutes
  • Five FAR heating units; virtually no EMF produced


  • Not suitable for outdoor use

2. HeatWave BSA2406 1-Person Deluxe Ceramic Infrared Sauna

Canadian Hemlock Construction is the underwriter of toughness and strength . The wood doesn’t fall flat under tension and is scar safe. To guarantee that the hot air doesn’t leave the room, the organization puts exceptional consideration regarding the subtleties. Every one of the joints are appropriately protected with twofold divider development.

This unit might require some investment to heat up. However, when it accomplishes an ideal temperature, it contains the hot air longer than other because of its unrivaled protection. The temperature control is made conceivable by an intelligent control board situated inside.

There is likewise an incorporated sound framework to partake in your sauna washing. Different adornments incorporate an agreeable backrest, towel snares, and a magazine rack. Brilliant Saunas, the assembling organization, offers a 7 years restricted guarantee with every one of its items. This model is the same.

Key Features

  • RELIEVES MUSCLE AND JOINT PAIN: FAR infrared heat rejuvenates your body by warming your core temperature, loosening your muscles and easing joint pain. Each heater is perfectly positioned to provide steady heat throughout your body.
  • CANADIAN HEMLOCK CONSTRUCTION: Eastern Hemlock’s scar-resistant and hypoallergenic properties make it the ideal wood for sauna construction. This durable wood is an excellent insulator, keeping your heat contained within your sauna room.
  • BUILT FOR TWO: Enjoy the benefits of regular sauna use right in your own home. This two-person sauna offers the ultimate in luxury, with a spacious interior that allows you to relax with ease. An integrated audio system provides crystal-clear sound.
  • SEVEN-YEAR WARRANTY: Your sauna comes with a seven-year manufacturer warranty. Your item will arrive damage free with all necessary parts and accessories. If something goes wrong, we’ll work tirelessly until you’re satisfied with your sauna.
  • PREMIUM FEATURES: Ease the stresses of the day with a full-spectrum color therapy system. An integrated sound system includes a CD player, radio, and aux input. You’ll also enjoy comfortable back rests, towel hooks, and a magazine rack.


  • Lightweight design
  • Spacious interior
  • Backed by warranty
  • Premium Hemlock construction


  • Takes more time to heat

3. JNH Lifestyles NE1HB Ensi Infrared Sauna

The JNH ENSI is an excellent piece of woodwork all by itself. While it very well may be effectively collected and set essentially anyplace in your home subtly and without occupying a lot of room, you might decide to put it where it tends to be flaunted.

The glass doors and hemlock wood are highlighted with LED lighting. The sound framework is incredible and productive. The actual framework works discreetly, with very little mechanical humming detailed.

The JNH ENSI warms up rapidly and securely, with insignificant EMF creation. The hotness remains securely inside the sauna, which is painstakingly protected. Generally, the ENSI offers an unrivaled feeling of extravagance, a top of the line experience likened to that presented by a spa, that will leave you feeling detoxed, loose, serene and focused.

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Key Features

  • Tongue & groove construction enhances the structural strength, while our unique DuraPanels (dual walls) provide amazing heat insulation. 
  • The Ensi 1 Person features 6 Intertek-tested, virtually zero-EMF heaters and is constructed with 100% Canadian Hemlock Wood. All wood materials are sourced from responsibly managed forests. 
  • The glass is also see-through to provide you with better visibility from within the sauna and eliminates any feelings of claustrophobia. 
  • Our Enzi boasts two premium speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to listen to your favorite playlist, podcast or audiobook. For ease of use, we’ve included a remote for that turns the speakers on or off and adjusts the volume. 
  • This sauna packs all the infrared benefits, which includes powerful detoxing, lower blood pressure, lasting pain relief, and deep relaxation, into a size that’s suitable for any home.
  • The digital control pad enables you to adjust the sauna’s temperature and set a time duration. This pad is illuminated with long-lasting LED lights, which are 50% more cost-efficient than standard light bulbs.
  • Dimension: 35. 5″ (W) x 35. 5″ (D) x 75″ (h), Wattage: 1200w, Electrical Requirement: 120V/15 amps


  • Incredible heat insulation
  • Bluetooth functionality, dual speakers, LED display
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty; lifetime tech support
  • Gorgeous design; stunning double-wood Canadian hemlock paneling


  • Some questions about zero EMF production as advertised

4. DYNAMIC Infrared Sauna 

This one shares numerous things for all intents and purposes with our last investigated item as both are fabricated by the sauna brands. Rather than 4 radiators, it comes outfitted with 6 low EMF far infrared carbon warming boards to deliberately warm the body.

It has a Canadian Hemlock lumber development. Hemlock wood repulses dampness and creepy crawlies. It has a pleasant smell and it’s amazingly strong. The unit warms the body pretty quick and works at a low temperature. You can treat its temperature and can change the length through a control board fitted inside.

Key Features

  • 15” LCD Monitor with DVD Player
  • Interior reading/chromotherapy lighting system
  • Interior and Exterior LED Control Panel
  • Natural Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood construction
  • FM/CD radio with MP3 auxiliary connection with 4 built-in speakers
  • Sauna dimensions: 36” W x 32″ D x 67″ H, Interior dimensions: 39” W x 36″ D x 73″ H, Roof overhang: Add 2”, Weight: 250 lbs., EMF level between 5mG to 10mG, Wavelength: Between 6 & 12 microns
  • Your purchase includes One Dynamic Saunas Barcelona Infrared Sauna with 6 Heating Panels, 2 on the rear wall, 1 on each side wall, 1 under the bench & 1 on the floor
  • This item will be delivered curbside. To have the item delivered to a location of choice on your property, kindly make additional arrangements with a third party provider ahead of delivery


  • Lightweight design
  • Canadian Hemlock timber for durability
  • 6 low EMF far infrared carbon heating panels


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Some users complained about the sound system

5. Empava Infrared Dry Sauna Room

Empava has offered a brilliant approach to securely partake in the advantages of a sauna while making up for lost time with your perusing, paying attention to your most loved digital broadcast, or basically getting away from the anxieties of day to day existence in a peaceful, serene, rich climate.

The Empava is completely stacked with cutting edge elements and is simple to utilize. It is easy to understand and simple to utilize. It is programmable to your details and individual inclinations, from the temperature inside the sauna to the warming zones of the seat that deliver muscle strain.

Empava has accomplished amazingly cautious work in designing and planning a sauna that is sound, rich, agreeable, protected and a breeze to utilize and keep up with.

Key Features

  • LED touch-control console
  • Full Bluetooth capability, state-of-the-art audio system, reading lights, air ionizer
  • Carbon fiber heating panels (eight in total) that release FAR heat technology


  • It is user-friendly and easy to use
  • Comfortably fits up to three people


  • Assembly instructions are reportedly somewhat difficult to follow

6. JNH Lifestyles Sauna Joyous Model

JNH Lifestyle Joyous two-man sauna has a strong development and a light-weight plan. With the assistance of its 7 carbon fiber far infrared radiators, it gives full-body inclusion. The warmers are put on the sides, back, and calf regions. The hot air is uniformly circulated, despite the fact that this unit requires some investment to heat up.

Made from 100% Canadian Hemlock wood, it can undoubtedly stand firm against dampness and bugs. However, JNH Lifestyles Joyous isn’t however great as the Cedar for the last option may be more adaptable and solid. The lumber isn’t treated with any synthetic, and is clean, for clients who are inclined to hypersensitive impacts.

Additionally, a tongue and depression development solidly secures set up all parts in a single unit so the far infrared sauna can withstand the mileage of time and utilization.

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Key Features

  • Extremely easy assembly process
  • Your purchase includes One JNH Lifestyles Joyous 1 Person Far Infrared Sauna, MG217HB model
  • 2 Premium speakers with Bluetooth capabilities and a remote with an on/off button and volume controls
  • Dual wall construction for better heat insulation
  • Crafted from 100% Canadian Hemlock wood; all wood is chemical-free 
  • Outfitted with seven (7) carbon fiber far Infrared heaters, strategically placed to provide full coverage
  • Simplified digital control panel, no overcomplicated interface; just adjust the temperature, set the duration and enjoy
  • Sauna dimensions: 47.3” W x 39.5″ D x 75″ H, Power cord length: 6 feet, EMF rating: 0.32 Mg average, Wattage: 1540 W, Electrical requirements: 110V-120V / 15 Amps, Indoor use only


  • Reasonable price
  • Heats up faster and wastes less energy
  • It is easy to unload and assemble the sauna
  • Tongue and Groove Hemlock Construction


  • Some units found to be operating at dangerously high EMF levels

7. Dynamic “Alicante” 1-person Bio Ceramic Far Infrared Sauna

Dynamic saunas by LifeSmart are exceptionally simple to gather, scarcely requiring 30 minutes. In contrast to the JNH Lifestyles Freedom, it accompanies 4 carbon warmers that could be considered as a significant lacking. The predetermined number of radiators, regardless of how incredible, makes it wasteful with regards to full body inclusion. Be that as it may, most clients are happy with warming effectiveness.

Dynamic sauna has a strong Canadian Hemlock wood development to guarantee strength and longevity.The twofold divider development and fuse of treated glass make its plan exceptionally rich, lightweight, and solid simultaneously.

For the comfort of clients, there are two control boards introduced inside and outside of the sauna. Clients can set the sauna temperature and term with a press of a button. The boards are not over-confounded and have an easy to understand plan.

Key Features

  • Full 1-2 person capacity / Operates beyond 140F
  • Natural Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood construction
  • 6mm Interior and Exterior wood planks with a 1.13 inch inner frame
  • Clear Tempered glass door and with side windows
  • 4 Dynamic Bio-Ceramic heaters 3 on the rear wall and 1 under the bench
  • This item will be delivered curbside. To have the item delivered to a location of choice on your property, kindly make additional arrangements with a third party provider ahead of delivery


  • Easy to assemble
  • Efficient heating
  • User-friendly design


  • Less no. of heaters
  • Limited space, two normal weight users can hardly fit inside

8. HeatWave BSA6310 Rejuvenator Portable Sauna

Relax your body muscles and joints following a difficult day with this awesome sauna. It is a versatile infrared sauna for simple moving when utilizing and setting up. You can steam your body from anyplace with it since it is really light and doesn’t need adequate space for putting away. The sauna comes loaded with a foldable seat where you can sit while steaming. The hands’ parts have a zipper so you can pick to open on the off chance that you need to utilize your telephone or read a book

Indeed, even those with little measured homes can partake in this sauna since it doesn’t need a lot of room while putting away. It includes a foldable plan where you can drop it to a much more modest size for simple putting away. The inside of the sauna has three low EMF carbon warming boards that give a superb warming impact on the body.

Key Features

  • 1 minute set-up: Six, easy steps convert this handy device into a personal paradise. simply unfold the sauna, plug it in, and enjoy nourishing warmth in any location. When you’re finished, this space-saving, personal sauna easily contracts for storage.
  • Soothing Warmth: Far infrared heat surrounds your body, thanks to three low-emf carbon heating panels. Each heater is precisely placed for even, steady heat.
  • Relax anywhere: This portable sauna is easy to take on the go. a collapsible design conveniently folds for transport or storage. Its moisture-resistant fabric allows for outdoor use, making it a perfect addition to your deck or campsite.
  • One-year warranty: Your sauna comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. your item will arrive damage free with all necessary parts and accessories. If something goes wrong, we’ll work tirelessly until you’re satisfied with your sauna.
  • Canvas seating: Foldable chairs are included with this feature-rich sauna. It also comes with a comfortable collar, sewn-in pockets for books or devices, a relaxing foot pad, and a convenient, hand-held control. 5 levels of pre-set heat temperature options with built-in thermostat – 150° F maximum temperature. Power supply- 120-volt – 60Hz – 900W


  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Very portable and compact
  • Comfortable and soft collar
  • A foldable seat included ensuring comfort while in the sauna
  • Three low-EMF carbon heating panels for steady infrared heat


  • Only one-year warranty

9. BetterLife BL6109 1 Person Carbon Infrared Sauna

This is a strong and solid sauna that you can utilize alone or with your accomplice. It accompanies sufficient lighting to guarantee you get brightening in any event, when utilizing it around evening time. This sauna assists with loosening up your body and quiet your nerves following a long tiring day since you can direct the temperatures inside. There are an aggregate of 8 carbon FAR energy warning boards that are put in different parts to guarantee abundant warming inside the sauna.

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The accessible MP3 AUX gives a space where you can interface your music gadgets for tuning in while in the sauna. This sauna is suggested for individuals with medical problems, for example, weight gain, hypertension, and even complexion infections. This is on the grounds that it assists with consuming fats, works on great dissemination of blood, and furthermore peels the skin.

Key Features

  • Exterior Dimensions: 40 x 36″ x 77″
  • MP3 Auxiliary Connection
  • 8 Better life carbon FAR infrared energy efficient heating panels
  • Improve immune system, blood circulation, skin tone and removed toxins and impurities
  • This item will be delivered curbside. To have the item delivered to a location of choice on your property, kindly make additional arrangements with a third party provider ahead of delivery
  • 7 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty on heating elements and electronics, 3 year limited warranty on wood and 1 year limited warranty on radio


  • Easy to assemble
  • MP3 AUX connection
  • Colored lights inside
  • Seven-year warranty
  • High-quality heating panels to fastening its heating


  • The instruction manual is not really clear

10. SereneLife Portable Infrared One Person Sauna

Apart from the pocket-accommodating value that this infrared sauna retails at, it is likewise very solid and agreeable to use at home. Most importantly, it is compact, and consequently, you can move and utilize it from any edge of your home.

It is a one-individual use unit that accompanies a seat to guarantee solace while sitting. You can appreciate unwinding by alleviating pressure and weariness from the body. It has an upper opening where the hands and the head are free, so you can in any case zero in on different exercises. This sauna can be collapsed to a more modest size, and along these lines, assuming you don’t have an adequate extra room in your home, this is the right sauna to purchase.

Key Features

  • INCLUDES SAUNA CHAIR: While other saunas require you to build your own sauna room using your own stool or chair, our portable sauna comes with a comfortable (and foldable) sauna chair
  • PORTABLE SAUNA UNIT: Have a mobile beauty spa or want to move your sauna dome from one room to another? Our infrared sauna is conveniently portable You can pick it up or pack it up when need
  • ENJOY AND RELAX: Use this sauna to relax after a day of work, while reading books, listening to music, play on your mobile phone, watch movies and so on
  • SAVE MONEY ON BEAUTY SALON : the mini sauna room can service for a long time and save your money to pay to beauty salon shop


  • Heats up very fast
  • Affordable price
  • It allows one to multitask
  • Comfortable far infrared heat
  • Very light for easy carrying
  • Convenient since you can use it anywhere


  • Not suitable for the person weighing more than 300 pounds


You don’t need to spend a lot of money in spas since you can enjoy sauna sessions in the comfort of your home. These are reviews of top best saunas suitable for one-person use. They are easy to set up and have excellent heating panels to ensure you get the best results. They have a therapeutic effect and help in improving one’s health too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it OK to sit in an infrared sauna every day?

There is no one answer for the amount of sessions per week, but infrared saunas are safe to use every day. In fact, you will see wellness improvements sooner if you use it daily. On average, most people partake in 30-45 minute sessions, 3-4 times a week.

2. What is the healthiest sauna to buy?

An infrared sauna provides a much milder temperature environment – between 120 to 150 degrees F. Additionally, the light of infrared saunas travels much deeper into the body, meaning they are to cause a more vigorous sweat, despite the lower (and more comfortable) temperature.

3. Is an infrared sauna the same as a dry sauna?

When you sit in an infrared sauna, your body is warmed directly by the heat from the infrared lamps that use electromagnetic radiation. Dry saunas, on the other hand, heat the air around you. This type of heat directed to the body is what makes infrared saunas a popular choice for many people.

4. Which type of sauna is better?

There are benefits associated with all three types of wavelengths. Far-infrared: Far-infrared wavelengths penetrate the most deeply past the skin and into the body, making far infrared saunas the preferred choice for many who are looking for the most powerful healing benefits.